Jersey's And Jazzy's Movie List 2010

The year 2010 brought us a lot of movies: some memorable, some not so memorable. Once again, we've decided to improve several of this year's movies by giving Vincent a starring role.

Valhalla Rising - Oh, Hell, It's Rising Again
Trivia: The sheet who plays The Pink Sheet, is a natural blonde. It had to dye itself for the role. We ourselves would die for this role!

How To Train Your Dragon becomes He Can't Restrain His Dragon (pre-production)
NOTE: The cast for extra actors isn't completed yet. Please submit your application here.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Harry Potter And His Sweaty Bedfellows
We're sorry to say that the cinema poster for this one has not passed the censorship. Apparently the 'Sword of Griffindor' was too much.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - He Unzips At Twilight
Casting: ThirteenVixens Project (that explains why this film is an one-man play).
Remember, this is a series, so stay tuned for 'He Unzips At Breakfast', 'He Unzips At Lunchtime', 'He Unzips At Midnight' and last but not least 'He Finally Gets Rid Of That Damned Zipper!'

The Expendables
The Pink Sheet from Hotel Paradise was originally offered the lead role, it liked the screenplay, but turned it down in favor of The Green Towel. BTW we recommend to take a close look at this picture. Just saying.

The Sword With No Name - Insert Your Sword Into My Sheath And I'll Name It
Alternate title: Call It SEXcalibur

Hot Tub Time Machine - Hot Tub Love Machine
Directed by Carl Rudolph Stargher. He in his infinite wisdom has decided this film needs no plot!
Filming location: The Vixens' bathroom
To keep costs down the whole film was done without costumes.

Get Him To The Greek - Get Him To Do The Greek
DVD available in adult video stores NOW!!!

Eat Pray Love - I Love Praying About Him Eating Me
You'll never know how much jelly it took to get this scene done!

The Killer Inside Me - I Would Kill To Get Him Inside Me
Soundtrack: 'Please do it again' Performed by co-actress Whatshername

The Lovely Bones - The Lovely Boner
Sponsored by Kleenex and Bounty
WARNING!!! Don't watch this movie if you expect deep dialogs. Unlike the original this remake is a silent movie.

A Matter Of Size - Size 13: It Really Does Matter!
Also known as What Size Shoe Do You Wear?

The Last Airbender - The Lusty Rearend

And lastly
Brooklyn's Finest 

We had to leave this one alone, because our Bobby really is Brooklyn's Finest!

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So would you want to see any of these movies? And are there any more movies you'd like to 'improve'?


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I'm still waiting fro Valentino's 'work' to be released on DVD ;0)

  2. Now those films have definite makings for a movie marathon! gr8 post!

  3. thanks for the laugh!! great ideas!!

  4. This post is awesome, brilliant and clever. I'd like to watch those films so much!

  5. Watch them, be in them, I want it all.

  6. I'm so glad you like it! We pretty enjoyed to make the list.

    Jenz, such a marathon would be the great! Of course we needed to restock tissues and ciggies afterwards.

  7. WELL DONE!!! And how did I never notice that shadow under the green towel before????

  8. Great post jersey and jazzy! And like Diane, I'm also waiting, along with Valentino's parents, for the release of his work on DVD.

  9. I can't believe I never saw that shadow under the green towel before -- especially since it's VERY sizable!

  10. Guys, there's something close beside the shadow.

  11. Oh my God! I cannot stop laughing! What an incredibly witty post! I think my fave is "The Lovely Boner," sponsored by Kleenex and Bounty!!! I am rolling!!!!!

  12. That's no shadow ladies!
    jazzy, I think not everyone realized what exactly we can see on that particular picture/screenshot ;)

  13. Not even a towel can cover the Python when it's frisky!

  14. Oh my god!!! What a post!!! But I really can't say anymore... I need to go re-examine these pictures!!! =)


  15. Snark I'm glad you appreciate our sponsors! Their products are just indispensable when watching these movies.
    It's funny, Miex, I've never noticed the shadow before JoJo mentioned it LOL!

  16. I just want Bobby! But i'm agree to examine each picture for hours to take a last decision! I've miss your post Jazzy!

  17. CJ where have you been anyway?

  18. i've moved to be close to the restaurant i work in and my internet is havind some problems coming with me so i've buy a smartphone..