Favorite LOCI moments

I was watching a LOCI marathon on USA and found myself wondering if I were able to make the schedule off all the seasons which 5 epis would I chose. There are so many moments that took my breathe or made me laugh or yell at the screen I realized there were so many choices. So in no particular order here is my lineup...

The Vanishing Act

In a season so full of heavy and intense themes this bit of happiness on our beloved face made me long for his carefree days. When he would sooner play with the things in the room as he grilled the suspects and amuse himself. It made me smile for the rest of the week to think of the joy on his face and in his eyes when he showed Eames the tricks and she wasn't pouting anymore but smiling back, it was well 'magical'.


This one is in a tie with the first for similar reasons, he got to be my playful Bobby but more than that, it was SO WELL written and acted so well that it was like eating a sinfully rich and delicious brownie, you can't just gulp it down and be done, you must savor every morsel and fully appreciate the flavors!


If you happened to be living in a cave for the other six seasons of the series this one would prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man was robbed of his Emmy every year!


I thought in this episode not only did we start to truly see the scope of Goren but D'Onofrio had too and the rest as they say is history...

Semi Detached

Gotta tell you when he circles here like that I get goose bumps! That and I have this delusional fantasy of sitting across from him at a diner, sue me!

Anti Thesis

You can't have Sherlock Holmes without Moriarty therefore you can't have Goren without Nicole! And so their dance began!

Well that's 5 I would love to see what do you all think? Love to hear about your five, course me being me picked six but hey I always have been an overachiever!


  1. my best moment of loci is purgatory when he is in the psy´s office with Ross. He´s so funny, cute and he wants to be back to MCS so hard.

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    No way in hell I could chose just 5, but 'Untethered' and 'Purgatory' would be in there (even tho' they're painful to watch), along with 'The War at Home' and 'Brother's Keeper'. For the 'lighter' (!) stuff, I'd have to include 'Cherry Red' and 'Probability'...see that's 6 already!!!

  3. I like your choice, Jenz.Your question is difficult so I made a Top 10 : Jones, Yesterday, A Person of Interest, Unrequited, Untethered, Cherry Red, In The Dark, In the Wee Small Hours , Masquerade, Amends.
    A top 10 is not enough!

  4. POI is my # one, the heat in the interrogation room exceeded the highest permitted temperature!
    # 2 Purgarory - I wish Dean Winters was Bobby's partner in S11
    We also have Art, One and Masquerade.

  5. He's so handsome in Bedfellows - his hair is perfect and he just looks at his most amazing ever. Jones, of course, and Phantom. Yes, Unthethered and Purgatory. That's 5. And then ITWSH is another 2! ANd I'm nowhere near done yet.

  6. I can't choose Untethered...I just can't! Even though Vincent was absolutely brilliant, it was so painful to see Bobby go through that.
    But every time I see these episodes playing, I watch them over and over again: Slither, In the Wee Small Hours, Want, A Person of Interest, and my 'big' favorite... Jones!

  7. OMG that was a wonderful choice and great post!!! I agree w/ all of them! Fantastic shots too.

  8. Damn! All of the vixens have GREAT choices........Mine? Hmmmmm...
    Cherry Red
    Blind Spot
    Pas de Deux

  9. Impossible for me to choose a "short list" of fave episodes/moments! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many to list! But you all came up with some of my definite favorites!

  10. All brilliant choices, course like we all know any of them are excellent choices! Now all USA needs to do is take our lists and make marathons and it would be gr8!

  11. Well, this is an impossible task to choose just a few, even 10 wouldn't be enough. So, some of my faves are:

    POI and Anti-Thesis I know a lot of you HATE Nicole, but I thought there was an amazing chemistry (and don't slap me) but sexual tention between those two. And just to be clear - you don't have to be in love, or even like a person to necessarily be sexualy attracted to them.

    Endgame - Roy Scheider and Rita Moreno were fab, VDO was robbed of his Emmy.
    Brother's Keeper
    The War at Home
    Untethered one of the best!

  12. Great post!!! Untethered is my favorite episode. I can't believe how well this man can act. That episode was, wow, amazing. After I finished watching it, I was thinking (not kidding), he better win some kind of giant award for that performance... But noooo! Are you serious? Are they blind? Or do they just not pay attention? He's done some amazing work on Criminal Intent and THAT episode, Untethered, has always stuck with me. I don't think anyone else could have done that better. It's a shame he never gets the credit he deserves but something tells me he doesn't mind.