Staten Island

I just watched Staten Island, AGAIN and couldn't help but marvel at it.
First of all look at him..

Only a man with his sexuality could make me attracted to those glasses, I mean holy cripe batman! But seriously the way he immerses himself in his characters staggers me sometimes. It's easy to forget that he is acting, I buy him as that character every single time, he becomes them!

He plays a man with 'mommy issues' well, do you ever wonder about his relationship with his own mother. Just a totally off subject rant please forgive the whimsy.

I remember being mad the first time I saw it thinking, "are they killing off my boy so soon AGAIN!"
I love when he bursts up out of the water, powerful stuff.

In a few words everything about D'Onofrio that I adore! So the next time you have the chance watch Staten Island again and see our chameleon and his only error, having a predistribution to selecting roles in which his character dies!


  1. He is brilliant! I keep catching the last half of this movie on tv lately, too. It really is an awesome, awesome movie. I wish I'd seen it in a theater though!

  2. Just watched the dubbed version toghether with some friends, but I'm the only one who liked the story. Thankfully it's not one of those typical mafia films (big pro to me), the story is meaningful plus entertaining. The whole cast deserves an oscar, but Vincent was just outstanding!

    BTW Parmie's mother (Rosemary De Angelis) played a witness in LOCI 'In The Dark'.

  3. That predisposition of his to choose roles he dies in, is a real challenge.

    When I saw him go into the river, I immediately thought of the breath-holding attempt, and realised he would make it. Of course, he still died anyway in the end.

    Poor Jazzy, my friend loved the film I'm glad to say.

  4. What can I say? When HE gets wet ... I get wet. Hee.

  5. First of all, Snark, I almost fell off my chair when I read your comment! =) So true!

    Anyway, hell! I was just about to start a new blog about this movie, but I won't now. Great blog! And, of course, I have yet to see this movie. The DVD has been sitting on my shelf for several months but I just haven't brought myself to watch it yet. =X *bites nails* I don't know why! I probably should, huh? Now, off to stare at the pics. =)


  6. Great post, Jenz! And yes, a phenomenal performance by our phenomenal man! I agree with you, Jazzy, about typical mob movies. That's why I found this one so interesting. Well, that and the Magnificent Vincent!!

  7. There aren't many actors who truly get into their characters so convincingly that you forget they are actors. Vincent's one of them. The only thing that's ever consistent is his incredibly sex appeal, no matter what role/character he assumes.

  8. I watched it again yesterday night. I love the plot and Parmie is the funniest Godfather who exist in the cinema. Vincent is wonderful, as usual. And the soundtrack is awesome! I adore this movie.

  9. Glad you all agree with me! He is so awesome!

    fyi Snark I couldn't agree more tee hee!

  10. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Stupidly, I thought he was going to survive until the end credits....