BREAKING NEWS (Geez Another One!!!)

For in La La Land, anything is possible!

By a very happy T13 NEWS staff writer.


  1. Is that real? Wow that's a seriously awesome article and photo too. I often wondered how they didn't just end up kissing when she got up in his face. I would've blown the scene on purpose and kissed him. ;p

  2. It's not real, JoJo! If our staff writer jazzy REALLY ran into the blonde, she wouldn't be able to report about it. Trust me. LOL!
    But I take your question as a compliment :) Thanks!

  3. LOL! Jazzy, you really want to see Nicole come back, don't you? I personally do NOT. =X Hasn't our poor Bobby been through enough?! =)

    Awesome post btw!


  4. That picture is absolute proof that Nicole is a psycho. Any woman who gets that close to those luscious lips and doesn't start kissing them passionately is a psycho!

    Love the post, Jazzy! If NYPD can hire Bobby back, make Eames a detective and his partner again, why wouldn't they be able to 'resurrect' Nicole? Hey, it's TV!

  5. OMG this is brilliant! I hope they do ressurect her, not for Bobby to be tortured by her, but I'd like to see Bobby get her for good, this time around.
    jersey - excellent point. Anyone getting that close to him that doesn't kiss those sexy pouty lips has got to be a complete psycho!

  6. Anonymous1:58 PM

    AAAARGH, my eyes, my eyes!!!!

    I thought the writers lost the plot with her in 'Grow' as they bizarrely decided to try and turn her character into some kind of poor, misunderstood, murdering physcopath.

    She's dead, let her rot where she belongs.

  7. May be the cap doesn't fit the actual post but I like it anyway.

  8. Hahahaha! Brilliant, Jazzy!! Very clever!

  9. Wow it is a fantastic effect jazzy! I thought it was a real article. Good job girl, you had me fooled!

  10. I hope you don't ever try to be deceitful, JoJo, you don't have it in you.

    I quite like the idea of Bobby being right than Nicole could fake the DNA, either of the heaart, or on the NYPD database. Then he gets her good and proper.

  11. Excellent, Jazzy! You're very creative, I love this "newspaper' effect!
    I'm with you because I loved Nicole. We could feel the chemistry between her and Bobby. Olivia d'Abo is a wonderful actress and I miss her.

  12. I think Bobby misses her too. Good bitches are so hard do find.

  13. Hilarious, my dear Jazzy! If only!!!

  14. As much as I hate Nicole I hate the way they ended her story even would be great if they could resurrect her somehow and have Bobby end the story properly. Although..I've always liked the idea of Alex shooting her :-)

  15. I wish that were true cause I felt cheated with her 'death'!

  16. Anonymous3:28 AM

    I would love to see Nicole come back.
    Bobby and her had this undeniable chemistry. It made for great entertainment.
    Great post Jazzy.

  17. Great entertainment, Beverly, indeed.
    Like some of you I don't buy the circumstances surrounding the death of her, and I wish the writers of LOCI had been creative.
    Eliza, you're cruel LOL!
    To answer your questions Snyder:
    #1 Yessssss!!
    #2 No (he enjoys being challenged, and she IS some challenge)

    Thanks much for all your comments!