Over The Years

I really wanted to do a post that showed how Bobby has progressed over the years. Sorry for all the pictures, but I have a feeling you won’t mind too much. =) I tried to post some pictures that are not overly used. You know, something different. Each picture is in order and has the episode name and when it first aired underneath it. So, without further ado…

Season 1:

Episode: One. Aired on: 9/30/01

Episode: The Third Horseman. Aired on: 1/6/02

Episode: Homo Homini Lupus. Aired on: 3/3/02

Season 2:

Episode: Bright Boy. Aired on: 10/6/02

Episode: The Pilgrim. Aired on: 11/17/02

Episode: Cuba Libre. Aired on: 3/9/03

Season 3:

Episode: Gemini. Aired on: 10/5/03

Episode: Stray. Aired on: 11/2/03

Episode: The Saint. Aired on: 3/14/04
Season 4:

Episode: The Posthumous Collection. Aired on: 10/3/04

Episode: In The Dark. Aired on: 10/32/04

Episode: Beast. Aired on: 4/10/05

Season 5:

Episode: Grow. Aired on: 9/25/05

Episode: In The Wee Small Hours. Aired on: 11/6/05

Episode: On Fire. Aired on: 5/14/06

Season 6:

Episode: Blind Spot. Aired on: 9/19/06

Episode: Bedfellows. Aired on: 10/17/06

Episode: The War at Home. Aired on: 11/14/06

Season 7:

Episode: Self-Made. Aired on: 11/15/07

Episode: Untethered. Aired on: 12/6/07

Episode: Betrayed. Aired on: 6/22/08

Season 8:

Episode: Playing Dead. Aired on: 4/19/09

Episode: Faithfully. Aired on: 5/17/09

Episode: All In. Aired on: 7/19/09

And lastly, well, you know the ending...

Season 9:

Episode: Loyalty (Part 2). Aired on: 4/6/10


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Our man ages well doesn't he? He's just as hunky and gorgeous in Season
    One as in season 9.

  2. Never apologize for posting 'too many' pics of Bobby! We can never get enough of looking at him!
    Love the post...seeing all of Bobby's stages of hunkiness and gorgeousness (yes, those are actual words when you're talking about Vincent!)

  3. Bobby gorgeousness in all of it's perfect stages! Who could ask for anything more? Perfection!

  4. The more, the merrier. What a studmuffin he is, no matter what the year.

  5. I know it's not a popular opinion, but the last few years he's so much more gorgeous, than when he was all skinny and little .... imho.

  6. Beverly - He soooooo does! As the years pass, he gets better and better looking! Men should be jealous of him!

    jersey - Thanks. =) I really enjoyed doing this blog and sitting back and looking at the pictures of him as the years past.

    SnarkAngel - Thanks, Snark. =) It truly is perfection!

    sixtwosue - Indeed (although I prefer him in the later seasons). =)

    Jean - I completely agree. I thought he was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in season 5 on. He was perfect, his size, look, everything in season 5. But I'm with you, I like him a little bigger than he was in, say, seasons 1, 2, and 3. =) Season 6 and 7 especially...Oh. My. God!!! =) *Drools*


  7. Excellent post, gr8 selection of pics too, he's aged like a fine wine or a gr8 whiskey, me I seem to be aging like milk, go figure! Again excellent job Snyder! You earned yourself my official praise pose!

    \m/(0.0)\m/ You Rock!

  8. I'm sorry, I can't get past those shoulders and upper arms in the second picture...

  9. Anonymous8:41 PM

    And now we have more NEW Bobby to look forward to :0)

  10. Those were some fantastic photo choices!! TBTSOH gets me every time.

  11. Beautiful pix, every one of them, I keep coming back to look!

  12. I'm going to look at all of them again too. like him im season 6 and 7 but he is fine in all of them. I hate it when some people criticize his weight. He is gorgeous all the time. I love the Loyalty pics of Bobby and Alex. Can't wait for more.

  13. Since I don't like all these family dramas about Bobby I choose S 1-4 as my faves.
    Agree with you, Sandy. Those people should take a look in the mirror themselves.

  14. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Mr.Donofrio is Gods masterpiece

    each time i see him and i stop breathing just for a moment

    no matter when, no matter what, no matter present or past....

    he is....

    Gods gift

    to all of us

    not just how he looks, but who he is
    he has the heart to prove it

  15. jenz1011 - LOL! I love that pose thing! Thanks so much. =)

    val - I noticed I had that problem at first, too! =)

    Diane - I know! I can't wait to see what he looks like on the show!!! *jumps up and down* I'm just a little curious. *big grin*

    JoJo - Because I'm apparently a retard...er...help me out! What's TBTSOH?

    Mauigirl - Glad you like. =) *whispers* I keep coming back to check him out, too!

    Sandy - Season 6 and 7 Bobby is sooooo yummy! Yeah, I hate when people criticize his weight. It actually really pisses me off and I get all defensive... Should I not let it bother me? He's incredibly hot no matter how big he is. And the Loyalty pics... *grins* I know. I love them, too! =)

    jazzy - You're killing me!!! I loved all that drama about his life. I loved learning about his life. I enjoyed the 'ride.'

    Anonymous - I couldn't have said it better. =)


  16. Snyder, drama is fine with me if it happens in soap operas or in my own life ;)

    TBTSOH = The Black T Shirt Of Hotness

  17. jazzy - Well the genre of the show is Drama after all. =) I just like how they got to explore his character and I know VDO did as well. =) And thanks for clearing up that black t-shirt thing!!! =)


  18. I think loci was supposed to be a crime show. Anyway, I do like the first seasons best.

  19. I LOVE this post. All those pix are wonderful but the 2nd is a riot !!! ;)
    I'm with Jazz, I prefer the first seasons because Bobby looked rather happy. I'm too sensible for personal dramas ! But, I think Vincent is more gorgeous with age. It's maybe because I love him I say that or because I was always enticed by the men more older than I, I do not know !
    Thanks for this good moment, Snyder ;)