How will they go from here.....

Snyder's last post got me thinking. How will they go from here....

to here.....

I mean it seems a stretch to me that after the fallout of season 9's painful parting to believe that Goren and Eames will come skipping back to Major Crimes all smiles and ready to rock! Sounds like somebody is gonna have to do some some fast talkin' or employ a hypnotist to me.

I mean are they going to go ridiculous and cheesy and we find Eames waking up with Bobby in the shower and the whole last season was a dream... (fyi probably one of the the most disappointing and insulting things ever on tv! And I've seen all the Rock of Love seasons so I know ridiculous and insulting!)

(see even Bobby is doubtful of that one)

Or is it going to be a case SO VERY intricate that they will have to grovel at the feet of Goren and then he and Eames will have to get the band back together for an out of retirement reunion tour?

(he doesn't seem to be fond of that idea either)


(Snyder posted a shot from Cuba Libre and I was thinking about one of my fave pics and I had to drool over it a minute! Sorry for the sidebar i'll get back on my soapbox now and rant away again... sorry for the break in the action)

Or maybe we'll just have the Chief of D's get fired for being a hater and then the new boss with have to reinstate Goren...

(at least he seems open to that one)

But really how are they going to bring them back and where are they going to go from there? I know you all have gr8 theories, let's hear a few and I'll leave you with this...

and this

and this ...

Now tell me your theories.....


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    This isn't MY idea, but it's one I saw that I like: The Chief of D's is under investigation for some kind of 'wrong-doing'. Chief of D's gets 'removed', and ex-detectives, wrongly persecuted, are re-instated.

    Personally, I don't think any amount of money would have persuaded Vincent and Kate back without some plausible scanario for their characters to return.

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    AND, we never heard Detective Eames SAY she resigned, she just said she wasn't taking the Captain's job.

    (sorry, forgot to mention that bit!)

  3. Okay, how about this: Right after the credits WE wake up with Bobby in the shower! Dunn Dunnn.
    (The scene is accompanied by a very dramatic music of course).

  4. lol jazzy!

    I imagine a scenario where both Bobby and Alex have to be reinstated because of an old case they worked on and something's going on with this old case and they need their best detectives back at MCS. Something like this :D

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Yeah, I thinkin' the same as Miex.
    Some high profile case that only the brilliant Robert goren and Alex can crack.

    That Third Horseman picture by the way made me go brain dead and I had to read the whole post over again. Gahhhhh, drools...

  6. I can think of lots of dramatic scenarios, but I think the one they'll go with to make it quick and easy is what Di said. Chief of D's Kenny Moran will be taken out by maybe IAB or something, and maybe Goren/Eames and others might even be giving statements. Then, the Police Commissioner reinstates Goren, and as Eames did not resign, our heroes can be back at work, partners once again. And I think most of that can happen within 5 minutes, then they'll be on to a case.

    Jazzy - your idea is best. How to make that happen?

  7. I don't know but Jazz's idea is excellent. I sign up !

  8. See, Bev, you just proved my latest post!

    I think I'll type in the beginnings of a story I thought up last week. It doesn't go far, but it kind of fits the bill. I'll get it on over at After Major Case as soon as I can.

  9. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Yes Val while the later season Bobby is "Big and Beefy" and makes you want to sit on his lap, it's early Season Bobby that "wets the panties".

  10. It's up!

  11. You totally beat me to the Dallas reference about the whole season having been a dream. lol

  12. I'm just gonna tape my mouth shut for this one because I like that scenario of Bobby in the shower and Eames still in his bed. Oh, the fanfics I've read that are post-Loyalty and sooooo shippy *goofy grin* But that's because I think I'm one of the only ones on here that ship them. It's killing me. But I do NOT want some cheesy reentry. If they're going to do it, do it well! I have my theories, but I'll just be patient and wait for it. =)


  13. All of season 9 was a dream? More like a NIGHTMARE! LOL! I think season 10 will start out with the murder of the Chief of D's by one of several very unruly and distraught Vixens. The new captain will turn out to be the partner Bobby had while Eames was on maternity leave! She has risen through the ranks, and is, herself, a secret Vixen. The new chief of D's immediately reinstates Goren and Eames to solve the case ... and of course ... the murderer turns out to be the new captain, Bobby's former partner!

  14. Never posted here before, but just couldn't resist...

    I personally think it will somehow involve the Chief of D's. His character is so completely despised by most CI fans that it would be icing on the cake to axe the, how often does he really show up on the series?

    I'm really hopeful they'll have great writers for this season that can give a plausible re-entry. I don't think it would be that difficult for a team of good writers to script that. Hopefully the writers understand their audience enough to know the expectation is high and not to settle for cheesy.

  15. Oh Snark, that was good, and Snyder, I spelled your name right this time, I told you I was a shipper too, and we can't forget the kiss and hug, can we? It is going to be so exciting to see how everything will come together. I hope it all comes together!!!

  16. Anonymous1:38 AM


    ive been layin in bed all day long on a saturday, re-watching the first season

    you want a real turn on??!!

    team 13 project
    lets see how good your are

    try this for a post
    since im no good at this "sorta ting"

    electric light orchestra made a song "dont bring me down"

    create a post, using that song
    and find clips with the scenes of EVERY MAN goren has EVER brought down
    brought them to tears, brought them to their knees, brought them to insanety.

    just show the scene of the words he used that brought these "bad boys" down and then show these men with their balls on his platter
    crying their tears, kissing their asses, going insane right before our eyes

    all because they were Gorenized

    let me give you a few nice ones just from season one alone

    carl attwood
    jay lippman
    rick zaner
    dr charles webb
    simon madish
    rudy langer
    dr kelmer
    didea fucou
    mr ufland
    dennis griscom
    agent hampton
    raul sabatelle
    gerald rankin
    kenny strick
    jack crawly

    come on guys

    show me watcha got!!!!!!!!!!

    my two favorites are
    jay lipman-talk about tears,
    bobby broke him down like a bitch
    talbot, he went nuts after being compared to our mand size 13

    up for the challenge?

  17. I liked the idea of them groveling on their knees in front of Bobby, but then I thought, hey, I want to be down on my knees in front of Bobby! Why should I give them the pleasure?! ;)
    Oh, and Jazzy, when I'm done with him, then you can have him in the shower!

  18. Quite a vivid imagination for all the vixens... but to signal out a few...

    jazzy as always your ideas rock, why you are the genius (yeah spelled it right this time, teehee) of our little entourage!

    everyone who mentioned Chief of D's has got to be right, only plausible explanation that i can see...

    Loving your scenario Snark, Bishop was so completely gone over him, (and who wouldn't be!) it makes perfect sense to me!

    Good idea jersey but you do realize you can only have him after I'm done with him and only for a limited engagement, there's a long line of vixens ready and waiting for our beloved!

  19. I can't get beyond the image of Bobby's "re-entry"!!