DOs and DON'Ts

The first DO goes to the brand Bounty. They are awesome! Just today I watched Guy, and all of my drool had been soaked up into only one XXL pack!

DON'T stare at your whites getting whiter and your brights getting brighter. Now, if you like being hypnotized, that's fine, but if it bores the heck out of you, you should do something to kill time at the laundry.

Has anyone out there already started a blog called "Things To Do With Him Before You Die"? If not, dibs.

"Did you cum?" If this question is from Elton lying on top of you after he reached the point of sexual eruption, lie to him: "No, I did not", and he'll put the mental delay on his dick to make SURE you have the time of your life. Yes, that might kill you. But what a way to go!

Let's face it, the mental state of toy-boy Carl isn't the healtiest ever. I appreciate this scene anyway! You know, the only thing about masturbation to be ashamed of is doing it badly.

I think that a woman who stares at other guys while dancing with Vincent is anything but a 'Pretty Woman', but something tells me Hilary couldn't give less of what I think.

Now there's a girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it!

There are many other things I would like to watch this guy do, like riding a bike,

or dancing on the roof,

... but for now, simply watching him sitting on the floor is mesmerizing enough.

Aw, Conroy 'smartass' Smith thinks he can mess with a certain Detective. I bet Conny is under arrest in 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 ...

you ever say to the Sex God "You have to come out now!"

Send Eames away and have Bobby for dinner. Will I ever find words to express how great this woman is?

No matter what he asks you for, "Detective, I'm a married woman" is not the correct answer!

Okay, this one is a DO as in "I'd like to DO things to him while his tounge is inside of me," but also a DON’T as in "Please DON'T kiss like that, I'm running out of Bounty..... again!"


  1. Thank the gods I have a case of Bounty in my pantry. Sending some to you right now, jazzy. It will be delivered to your door, so no need to leave our man!

    All the caps were great, the first - OMG!, the second, now that's the way to do laundry! But I really liked the scene with Liza, I loved how she dismissed Eames and kept Bobby all to herself, smart woman!

  2. Hold on a moment, someone's knocking at my door ..... ah, the delivery service!
    Thank you dear Maui :)

  3. Viva towels work well for the drool, too. So soft and absorbent, almost like cloth! :)

  4. LOL, Ducky! I like the Viva Towel slogan: 'Put 35% more towel between you and tough messes'. But there's also Bounty's "Select-a-size". Well, I select size 13.

  5. I am still in Connie's place with that great mitt grabbing me by the wrist...

  6. I could never look at Bounty in the same way...
    This post is amazing. Bravo, Jazz! All your pix are wonderful but the last one is my fav. I don't know why...

  7. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Sorry, couldn't get past Guy. He's my boyfriend! I'm going to marry him and have his children. That's really me in that picture. Yup, just changed my name to Kim Riddle for the movie. And let me tell you that boy can FUCK! Ahhhh Memories.

  8. See I stopped using paper towels not absorbent enough for my drool i just use a bucket and a beach towel, tends to be more effective and costs less than getting stock in the company!

    Brilliant job again jazzy you are the vixen we all aspire to be!! (I am not worthy! Wayne's World reference truly dates me I know!)

  9. LOL Bev! Well, thanks for warming him up.

  10. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I know what I'd LIKE to do.....

  11. Ya know, we all mentioned the paper towels, beach towels, whatever that we're going through. But what about all the undie changes!

  12. Brilliant post, my dear! Now I think I DO want to go back and stare at that first pic for awhile, then slowly work my way doooooowwwwn...

  13. Wow, Bounty really is the "quicker pecker upper" -- I mean "quicker picker upper"!
    I just love the pic of Vincent in Forever Young. It only shows his profile, but what a beautiful profile. And his hair...yum yum!
    What a great post!

  14. Anonymous6:06 PM

    im alway posting unrelated stuff cause i dont know who/or how to do direct contact

    please post following topic
    id love to know who else out there has seen him do something on the show that his ALL the marks

    On loci

    the sexist thing you've ever seen him do "on the show"

    other than holding a gun....

    here's mine

    i watched the episode "see me"last night

    at the end of the show,

    all he did was talk on the phone, hang up the phone, get up, grab his coat and walk out the door

    but OH MY GOD

    the energy in his movement, the way he looked over his shoulder
    and us knowing who he was on the phone with and why

    you could feel his pain, with out ever seeing his face

    the way he moved, his body language
    his lack of facial expression, but still all the pain of dealing with his mothers illness was in every move he made
    that was one of the greatest scenes he's EVER DONE.

    at least for me

    he made me want to cry

    damn he's good

  15. @Anonymous, thanks for your suggestion. I can well imagine that our Snyder will be making a post on See Me.
    BTW it would be cool if you sign your comments, makes converstation nicer.

  16. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I'm here to say hi and tell you I love the daily dose of VDO I get at the Team 13 blog. What a man!