Vincent D’Onofrio to return
for final season of ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” will return for a 10th and final season next year.

And Vincent D’Onofrio, the show’s star for eight seasons as Detective Robert Goren, will be back for the eight new episodes.
USA honcho Jeff Wachtel said the series from executive producer Dick Wolf will get a world-class farewell. In a release, Wachtel also made an unusual hint: “Dick and his team promise to create a major event for television with incredible surprises. The plan is for this to be the series finale, but with a Dick Wolf franchise, one really never knows until it’s over.”

Source: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment_tv_tvblog/2010/09/vincent-donofrio-to-return-for-final-season-of-law-order-criminal-intent.html

Associated Press
09/21/10 5:31 PM EDT
Eight new episodes will air in 2011 and are intended to wrap up the series, USA Network said. But a USA executive and Wolf indicated that might change. An air date for "Criminal Intent" wasn't announced.


  1. Needless to say, I'm still in shock. And this web site is missing posts! WTF? Did the blog site end up going into shock as well?!?!

  2. This Just. Got. Interesting.

  3. Does anyone know whether Katherine will come back too?

    Snark, I'm trying to fix the issue. Please let me know whether we're missing more than 'only' the post from last Monday.

  4. I just assumed that the Blog Fairy had collected the post from under your pillow overnight, and left you a nice shiny new Euro coin in return.


    I may just have to ... I don't know. I don't know what to do. Do I laugh? Do I cry?

  5. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I couldn't have been more surprised if someone told me Vincent had run off with Jeff Goldblum....

  6. One report says that Kate is back and production has started. Not sure if that's true or not.

  7. We were right. But then we knew that.

  8. Now that's a cheap fairy I have to deal with. The post is worth 2 Euros. AT LEAST!

  9. I'm still in shock! But I'm happy.
    Very, very HAPPY!!

  10. WOW! Ask and ye shall receive more Goren, now that's a gr8 present for everyone!

    Don't be too hard on the Blog Fairy, if you could get your hands on D'Onofrio wouldn't you take him away all for yourself too?!

  11. I'm still in shock, too, Snark. But very, very, very happy!

  12. My depression has lifted. Happy days are here again....still in shock..but, MR. HOTNESSS will be back! All I can say is, DICK WOLF, you should have listened to us and never let VDO go. Ratings were down the tubes with Goldblum. Ha ha! We told you so! Yeah!

  13. I still can't seem to find the right words for this. I'm happy, but also nervous now. What more are they going to put us through! I thought it was over and I was just starting to deal with the fact that they're gone and that fanfic is the only thing we have. Now it's all back and I think, for better or for worse, I'm having an anxiety attack.


  14. Hey USA, we told you so!

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