on something juicy in his mouth plus wearing shades ----
Unfortunately, I am unable to continue on this subject here, since my keyboard is drowning in a sea of drool right now.

Welcome to a new VD'O filled week everyone!


  1. What is it about this man that makes me just want to be inanimate objects! God he's so hot! Hope no one else got the flu that I had I felt like I had been hit by a truck, still not over the coughing but this medication from jazzy sure helps!

    As always jazz, you are incredible!

  2. You certainly came back with a bang LOL

    You wouldn't think someone eating a fig could be that erotic, but it me anyway :-D

  3. Great to see you're back :)

    Hot Bobby. I'd like to suck him, anyway!

  4. ~waves happily at Jazzy~

  5. Welcome back, Jazzy!! Yummy post!

  6. Great to see you back..and sweet, juicy post..Bobby sucking on figs!

  7. Well that just made my Monday a whole lot brighter!!

  8. Welcome back, Jazz! And thanks for the present! I love this scene but I prefer when he manhandles the perp on the shop window :p

  9. Coming in at a tangent, when his hair is very short but so beautifully layered, with the flecks of grey mixed in, I just love it.

  10. Anonymous8:59 PM

    WooHoo Jazzy's back. Hope ya had a great time off.

    If I were a fig

    my flesh would be soft
    like a sponge but firm
    waiting to be unwrapped
    when is it my turn?

    A treat to be sure
    one that filled a need
    a fig is perfect
    Satisfying a growing greed

    And when desire mounted
    and lust has found it's peak
    we'd hear a moment of silence
    where indulgence couldn't speak

    I'd break down to nothing
    Life eating the juice of me
    Finger licking good I guess
    Life is so sweet you see.

  11. I thought it's time again to play with Vince but it wouldn't be the same without you. So, thank you all for coming around!
    And I agree with you Val, his hair style is another eyecatcher here.
    *waves back*

  12. Lovely post, as usual, my dear! Welcome back to VDO-land! And Beverly, I must say, that poem, along with Jazzy's slide show, conjured visions in my head I just cannot describe in mixed company! Perfection!

  13. Yes, Snark and Beverly, I like Mary Ball's poem too. She's posting some nice stuff at

  14. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Yes, Jazzy I think her poem is called if I were a Cupcake I believe? I should have gave reference even if I changed the words. Sorry to Mary Ball.

  15. *gigels..drool..evil grin..evil gigle..naughty thoughts coming in to mind..*!!!:0))-