I freely admit that I am fascinated by Vincent's gorgeous physical features. Something we don't get to see enough of these days BTW.

Thankfully, he has been the center of attention in a number of steamy, sizzling and lustful films. Each one offering their own unique take on relationships and the perils of love.

And although my fascination with his long, lean, lovely body always seems to prevail it was and is his acting ability that makes me an ardent fan.

So in honor of the visual art of stimulation I have created a little voyeuristic slide show to help you get through these dog days of summer.



  1. Oh, man. To be all those women in bed with him! It's just so unfair! It really, really is!!!

    Great post. I miss seeing him on TV as Goren (although we never got any scenes like this). God, could you imagine?


  2. The idea of "Goren" being in all these wonderful and naked positions is going to fry my brain!!!

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Heartfelt thanks for your efforts (and his!)

  4. What a very yummy slide show! Thank you, I'll take all of those characters in bed!

  5. Artist, i love you!

  6. I'm so thankful to Vincent for showing off so much of himself over the years.

  7. Let's hear it for 'voyeurism' seems like a perfectly acceptable way to spend your time to me!
    GR8 post!