If I had to pick a favorite...

There have been so many excellent posts lately that I got to thinking....
Dangerous path to traverse in my case I know but I began to wonder. With his Sexiness never being one to go with the same look for long got me thinking... If I had to chose my favorite which would it be?
There are so many to chose from...


Big fan of smoldering!

Candid and comfortable!

I enjoy this look too!

Seasoned and sexy!

Love it too!

Vulnerable and human

Dangerous and fearless

Or just our beloved 13!
Seems like a win/win all around but let me know what you think, what's your fave?
You'll surprise yourself at how many sexy looks he has shown us!


  1. Aah, that's easy - if I had a choice I would go for the bad boys such as Ashton, Carl, Cholo and Burton.... dangerous and fearless, oh yeah!
    Tough guys aren't bad either, just think of Sgt. Tony.
    Elton is on my list, too, of course.
    *apologizes for being greedy*

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    hot damn! you can never go wrong with
    "Angry Bobby". He gets my engine started. The Naked Stranger can be oftly convincing too.

  3. I'll take one of each please, hate to sound greedy, but I love them all.

  4. Have to have ALL of them, BTW, I say Vincent needs to wear eyeliner more often, Cholo, VoG and publicity pic from Tooth of Crime - YUMMMY!

  5. He could just stand there and read the phone book and he'd be sexy!

  6. Cholo is a real Mr Hottie, but it's Bobby all the way.

  7. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Since the 'looks' all emanates from Vincent, I'll take him whichever way he'd like to give himself to me (pleeze) ;0)

  8. I think my absolute fave is Tony Randozza, but after him, I think I'd have to go with Jazzy on this one. The BAD BOYS really make me swoon!

  9. I like his present candid look best, as Vincent himself IS the Dream Man!

  10. 4th one from the top in the black coat. OMG. *melts* I've never seen that picture before. I love it! I love that coat, too. Oh, to BE that coat...all wrapped up around him and...er...nevermind! *blushes* I also like the last photo as well.

    But I'm with Beverly...I LOVE an "Angry Bobby." *growls*


  11. I will be honest..I'm not picky(evil grin)I will pick all of them..love him in any way,shape and form9evil grin..evil gigle)!!;)))-

  12. The beauty part of this is that you can't go wrong, he's just sexy period but i do have to agree that i love the bad boys, I forgot to put up Doc Newton, he's one of my faves, just so adorable in his complete lack of remorse about breaking the law, nothing sexier than that!