Celebration - V style

Wishing Our American D'Onofrioholics A Happy Fourth Of July Weekend!

Do you attend a nice party to celebrate this special weekend? I hope you do!
No matter where you live, Vixens will be Vixens and love to party. So, let's celebrate all across the V-world.
Vixens' parties are some of the wildest, most fun and flexible kinds of parties to have!
Here at Team 13, we have all sorts of tips and tools to make your party even better.

Step one: Invite your V-family and best friends.

Send them invitation cards and clearly state instructions about themes and costumes.

Choose a location that makes your guests feel comfortable.

Have a Backup Plan! If you're planning your party outdoors ....

..... be prepared for inclement weather. Have other arrangements ready at a moments notice!

Take pictures and arrange them in a photo album to show your friends after the party.

Another idea is to have someone take Polaroid pictures of each guest as they celebrate.
Give everyone their pic as they leave your party in remembrance of the occasion.

Probably the most important tip: You better ask them to not sell the 'good' photos on eBay!!!

Supply food and candy. And plenty of it! What's a party without goodies and finger food?

Everyone knows that music makes a party. And there's nothing that beats the right music to get your guests in the mood!
Well, it would be best, of course, if you book professional musicians.

Vixens like to play!
Therefore, party games are perfect for your party. They’re great for breaking the ice, getting guests acquainted, and keeping everyone happy!

But what, if your SPECIAL guest won't leave when the party is over?

Geeeez, I hope you don't need any tip if that happens!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I'm absolutely NOT a party animal - I'd've been hiding under the bed with Vincent....hmmm....nice idea! - but this is the kind of occasion I'd happily attend.

    Happy 4th July everyone, whether you celebrate it or not ;0)

  2. I'm not a party animal either, Diane. But I'd gladly go ANYWHERE Vincent might be lurking!

  3. Beautiful post Jazz, you were very inspired ( as always)!
    Happy Independence Day my V-American Friends!

  4. Great post Jazzy. Happy 4th of July everyone.

  5. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Party on V-friends! Happy Independence Day.
    Private party please.

  6. I prefer private parties...

  7. Happy Independence Day, everyone! Going to a friend's 29th floor condo (with balcony) tomorrow to enjoy the fireworks. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone who looks even remotely like Vincent will be attending. :>(

  8. Because Snark mentioned it...
    Can someone please explain to me the diffenrence between 'condo' and 'appartment'. I know that you can't know a condo from an apartment simply by looking at. So, is the term condo the form of housing tenure? If you buy an apartment it becomes a condo, have I understood that correctly?

  9. Happy 4th of July/Happy Sunday!
    I wanna be in charge of Party Games.

  10. Yes, dear Jazzy, a condo is an individual unit that is owned, as opposed to the whole building being owned by one entity wherein all the units are rented out by the owner (an apartment). But in most condominium buildings, a condo can be rented out by the individual owner, depending on whether or not there are owner-occupancy requirements and what the percentage of owner occupancy is that is required by the condominium association.

  11. Thank you for a clear understandable explanation, Snark. I wish you would have taught at my college.

  12. I've been away all weekend but oh, it's SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD TO COME BACK HOME

  13. Lozzie, it's SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD to see you calling this place 'home'!

  14. Now that dear vixens is a party that i would go to every time! Another brilliant post!