According to Sigmund Freud, the snake is a phallic symbol.
If you ask me, his assertion is far too simplistic. Well, that's the way he was.

The similarity between the snake and the male sex organ is, of course, fairly obvious. But there are more interesting things to know about snakes. And you'll see that a lot sounds like "Vixens' Dictionary", provided that you're in the right frame of mind. Just think of the popular American slang term "One-eyed snake".
Interpretations cover everything from personifying a tempter to representing healing and rejuvenation. I think that's because the snake is a potent symbol that seems to strike a deep and very basic chord in humanity. In fact, the serpent has been an universal phallic symbol throughout history in almost every country. Snakes are still worshipped in Africa among many tribes. Hooded snakes are venerated in India. And enormous stone carvings have been found in Central America, with snakes carved in various forms. Scandinavians worshipped snakes, as did the druids of Britain.
You see, snake worship is usually a form of sex worship among some societies - and as we know in parts of The International Federation Of Vixenland too.
The early Christian text Physiologus offers curious versions of the snake's symbolic significance: Snakes bite only those who are clothed, shying away from the naked. Thus we should cast off the "Fig Leaf Of Lust" and be "Naked Of Sin", so the evil cannot have its way with us.
No wonder that snakes play a large role in the interpretation of dreams!
And because it sheds its skin, the snake is associated with rejuvenation; some have even gone so far as to say that the snake has magical power of regeneration. When the snake drinks from the spring it leaves its venom behind in its cave so as to keep the water pure (in psychoanalysis 'cave' is interpreted as -- have a guess!) thus the Christian pursuit of the water of eternal life must leave behind "The Poison Of Sin".
By the way, the German word for venom and poison is 'Gift' and means toxin but also donation; present (noun); to make a gift to.

Who would not like to be bitten by this splendid specimen and receive its Gift?!

Apropos snake venom, that white n' sticky proteine-containing liquid is such a goldmine for the pharmaceutical industry and drug development.
And yes, these drugs are highly addictive! Hmmm, I think we need our daily fix now. Ready to milk the snake?

All that explains not why I'm a fan of the "snake scene" from Hotel Paradise. And I'm afraid there's a psychology book waiting to be written about my fantasy, but I have to admit that I find that scene HOT!!!
Ah, and here comes Freud again, perfectly timed: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."
Or in this case - Sometimes a snake is just a snake.

Anyway! I'd have liked to have been the snake's stunt double that day.


  1. Thank goodness Vincent didn't have a snake phobia!

  2. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Oh Mighty Python
    How your engorging ways entrance me
    Slither. Slap. Slurp.
    I am a prisoner of your charms
    Rise before your Queen

  3. Beverly, your poetry is the perfect accompaniment to this most delicious post! And Val, do you think Vincent has ANY phobias? Personally, I doubt anything scares him ... even a gang of hot and bothered vixens on a relentless prowl. Once again, you outdid yourself my dear Jazzy!

  4. That snake could leave it's venom in my cave anytime it wants.

  5. *Squealing* I'm sure I'd have that reaction as the python moved toward me...

  6. Wow, that was a very enlightening and sexy post. Excuse me while I take a cold shower.

  7. I'm crazy about this snake! This pet has been very lucky... Jazz, great minds think alike : i posted this scene on YT today.
    This post is just perfect, thank you, Jazz.

  8. Anonymous7:52 PM

    The (lucky!) Hotel Paradise snake got to wander where we can only dream about, and of course we all care about a certain python and his owner ;0)

  9. ;))))-..;)))-..;)))-..!!;)))-

  10. Thanks, everyone. I enjoyed making this post and reading your comments a lot.

  11. You are gonna have to pass out drool towels with this one, him ad that snake always do me in! WOW! gr8 post as always you are so cool jazz!

  12. I'm passing you some towels, Jenz. Hopefully in time! LOL