A well-behaved Sunday post & a COMPETITION!

This week I have visitors, my parents, and they look over my shoulders all the time. Therefore I HAVE to be a good girl; otherwise they'll order disciplinary measures such as a ban on shopping for high heels and V-goodies.

In other words: Noooo steaming hot bang pictures today. In the view of the fact that it is Sunday we all should be good girls and boys (just this once) and get 'religious'.
And so I built an altar for the Sex God. I used my digi cam and PhotoShop - et voila!

More wallpapers can be viewed and downloaded HERE <->LINK

Soooo .... and now my dear Vixens say a little naughty prayer
and please share what EXACTLY you pray to the Sex God for!

The Vixen with the best prayer wins a very personal and special prize -- I'll jazz up the winner's house with Vincent.
Yes, the full area of your house front!

P.S. Prepare your landlord and neighbors for that event. Just in case.

Wishing you a happy Sunday!


  1. Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray for Vince my bod to keep
    Should I cum before I wake
    I pray for Vince, my seed to take

  2. Okay Snark - you win. I can't even think of anything as clever as that. Any way here's my version of "Dream a little dream of me":

    "Say there will be naughty nights and kiss me; just hold me tight and say that you'll frisk me; while I'm alone enjoying the after glow; Dream a litle dream of me."

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry for deletion...
    And the winner is...SnarkAngel ! :o)

    I'm a naughty girl
    Only Vincent's golden scepter can save me
    Cum in me
    And i will be saved

  5. For heaven's sake I don't wanna upset your parents,Jazzy.So I keep my little prayers to myself...but they are not as good as Snark's,believe me!!!

  6. Vincent could persuade me to become religious again. I'd happily genuflect before him. *cough*

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I'm an atheist, but I'd happily worship at his alter!

    I love the pictures you made :0)

  8. There is nothing I can say that would better what Snark did, so I'm not even going to try :-)

    Love the pics, btw!

  9. Lord Vincent

    Please give me full benefit of your lips, your hands and your Python (a religious icon in its own right) and I promise to worship you forever and ever.


  10. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Bless me Vince for I have sinned,
    and I promise to do it again and again and again.

    Wow Vince you'd have to be a God to make me **** three times in a row!

  11. Nope...Not even going to try ;)

  12. Can't begin to compete here, but Snark's the winner, and Val's comment about the Python being a religious icon in it's own right is the best!

  13. I've found the light on his lips.
    I've learn to fly listening his voice.
    And i've found when they was no more hope in me..
    My religion in his gaze!!

  14. I gave up on religion ages ago and prefer to live by the Golden Rule. So, after doing onto him, I would expect him to do onto me.

  15. Anonymous11:39 PM

    69 Psalm of Vixens

    Oh Vincent is my sex god, I shall not sway.
    He maketh me lay down and touch myself
    He leadeth me into thinking naughty thoughts while watching GUY
    He restores my faith in sexy men over 40
    He leads me to want to fuck him
    for all Vixens sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of mediocre men
    I will not have a nervous breakdown
    For thou art with me.
    My Videos and Vixens, they comfort me
    Thou givest me horny moments of moistness
    Thou smiles at me with understanding
    My senses are hightened with feeling I recognise
    Surely I shall cumeth and see flying colours and fireworks
    All the days of my sexual fantasies
    And I shall not have to dwell in the house of boredom forever

  16. Lovevdo69, I think you've come up with the real winner here! Fantastic!

  17. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Thanks Snark, I like a good challenge. It just *came* to me.