Receive your award, please!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who took part in the competition. I haven't been here since last Sunday (missed you), but today I read your prayers and, as promised, I set out to award the prizes. Actually THREE prizes!

First I went to Canada where two kind guys helped me to decorate lovevdo69's house front with sexy Carl.

Every Vixen is encouraged to learn Psalm 69 by heart; it might become our hymn.

69 Psalm of Vixens

Oh Vincent is my sex god, I shall not sway.
He maketh me lay down and touch myself
He leadeth me into thinking naughty thoughts while watching GUY
He restores my faith in sexy men over 40
He leads me to want to fuck him
for all Vixens sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of mediocre men
I will not have a nervous breakdown
For thou art with me.
My Videos and Vixens, they comfort me
Thou givest me horny moments of moistness
Thou smiles at me with understanding
My senses are hightened with feeling I recognise
Surely I shall cumeth and see flying colours and fireworks
All the days of my sexual fantasies
And I shall not have to dwell in the house of boredom forever

BTW the street where lovevdo69 lives looks very nice :)

Back to Europe, I visited our dear Val. Val loves her garden, and I came up with something special for her. Namely a 13sized board!

Lord Vincent
Please give me full benefit of your lips, your hands and your Python
(a religious icon in its own right)
and I promise to worship you forever and ever.


Mmmm.... this view makes me almost forget the jet-leg I'm suffering from.

But I crossed the pond again in order to award another prize.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray for Vince my bod to keep
Should I cum before I wake
I pray for Vince, my seed to take

Snark was there, and what can I say, he already spray-painted a truly bobby-a-licious graffiti on his wall. Yummmy!

Even so, I couldn't resist to beautify the other side of his house with Dock, before I went back home ....

Okay, guys, I very much hope you like your redesigned places! I, for one, would change houses with you any time.


  1. Jazzy!! You have outdone yourself girl! These prizes are amazing.

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Fabulous! Are you taking bookings for redesigns??

  3. HEY GIRL!!!! O-U-T-R-A-G-E-O-U-S post! I need my entire house re-designed. And you, my dear, are my new interior designer. First, you'll start with my bedroom. More details later. Great job Jazzy! Cheers!!

    P. S. I'll change my blog -- just for you.

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  5. Jazzy, how much would you charge to come and do my place?

    Wonderful, all of them, but the grafitti effect is amazing :-D

  6. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Jazzy!! Thank you very much, such a talented designer you are. My house looks amazing! I loved the challenge, looking forward to your next one. ;) <3 x

  7. *laughts like a nutty vdo vixens..droola..evil crazy gigle..turn in to a purple puttle on the floor with flames..has a horny breakdown*AMEN..AMEN..AMEN!!!OMG..OMG..OMG..I LOVEEE YOU JAZZY!!!;)))-

  8. Oh,Jazzy! That's stunning! I'm wordless...WOW! ;o)

  9. Oh, wow! I see the emphasis in my prize was on the Python part of the prayer :-D

  10. Lovely - congratulations to the winners.

  11. Wow!!! I'm ... I'm ... well ... speechless! And how often does THAT happen!? Hee. These are MOST AMAZING prizes, my dear! So nice of you to bestow one on each and every one of us! Now ... do you think you could pop over again and do my ceiling?! Your talents are unmatched! I'll pay anything! LOL

  12. WOW! What a fabulous post! Congrats to all the lucky winners :)

  13. Looking around my local neighbourhood, I can see many areas that would benefit from a re-design or makeover such as this.


  14. Would be fun to do all your places! Let me see ... lots of mirrors on the ceilings, VDO-printed bedclothes and life-sized Bobby statues all around the neighborhood :)