Season 9, Episode 3 BG/AE

I'm so depressed these days, I can hardly think straight. I'm not looking forward to the finale of LOCI. I know Vincent is happier to be off the show, but I'm having trouble facing reality. So, I've come up with caps from the next G/E episode of season 9, ignoring 'Loyalty' all together.

Plot: You gotta be kidding, who needs one. I never understood them anyway as I was always too busy getting lost in something Vincent.

Bobby contemplates the 'activities' he'd like to have done to him.

'Max!! Get back in your car seat!'

Bobby is mesmerized by the pretty lights.

'Awesome Bobby! I don't know why I didn't believe you!'
'Told ya it's better than being on top of the Empire State Building.'

Bobby tries to blow up a condom balloon

Vincent's 'Wall Of Vixens'

'Bobby, why are your hands in your lap?'
'Uhhh, well, Jazzy walked by, and uhhh, something suddenly came up.'

Snark, find a wedding band. FAST!!

Gratuitous bottle shot

'Eames, the bottle's stuck in my head again!!'


  1. Wow, that is a GREAT LOCI story. Better plot than most of Season 8.

  2. Hilarious, I especially like the wall of vixens. I know it's going to be a sad day for everyone when we have to say a final farewell to Bobby. It sucks!

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Sweet post!

    No matter how many times I think
    I've come to terms with the fact that Bobby IS 'departing', the nearer the event gets, the more down about it I get. No matter HOW it ends, I foresee tears and wailing, especially since it looks like Bobby gets VERY upset, and I can't bear it when he gets upset....

  4. I love your 'gratuitous bottle shot' ( i wanna be a bottle *sigh* ) XD
    This post is very funny, great job mauigirl!

  5. Isn't it sad,when a sweet thing comes to an end?I already feel so sad thinking of the end of LOCI...But even though Vincent tells us how happy he is that HE is leaving,it still drives my mind crazy wondering why all the others had to leave too.I mean I don't wanna rain on anybody's parade,but did anyone of you ever wonder about the reasons Eric and Kate had to leave when he's talking about him feeling good about quitting and moving on?!
    I tend to forget about it when I watch his sweet interviews, but yesterday it crossed my mind that there was no obvious reasons for Capt. Ross and Alex to be written out of the show...and still THEY did!Or is this true LOYALTY?

  6. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Top photo- never thought of Bobby being on his back- interesting. Seems more like a take charge kinda guy to me.

  7. Dear Snark and Vince, please know that if you don't let me be your maid of honor I'll never ever speak to you again. I'm serious with that! LOL!

  8. Jazzy - hahahahaha! hopefully Snark will share.
    Guiding: I don't think everyone else leaving the show had anything to do with VDO. NBCUni simply wanted all of them GONE.

  9. That's what I thought too Mauigirl!!!And for me it's hard to accept their behavior!!!!I will never ever forgive NBC!

  10. I think Val got it right, your story makes more sense than half the episodes I've seen in the last couple of seasons..and as a Vixen I'm sure you would have been great at adding those bits you know we like :-D

  11. Of course you'll be my Maid of Honor, Jazzy! And the Vixens can all be my bride's maids! LOL! If only!