Uber Naughty Inspiring FOT Orgasmic Red-hot Masculine
(Sorry, I was quite drugged with VDO as I wrote this)


Usually I'm not a fan of uniforms UNLESS Vince is the one who wears one.

An uniform gives him even MORE stature, don't you think so?

But if he sooo badly wants to get out of it, well...
we're sure that could be easily arranged!


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I'd like to say something, but I think my brain just exploded....

  2. I never really got that old saying about men in uniforms...until I saw Vincent in one :-D

  3. Men in uniform..especial cop uniforn..and that olive sandy military with the french like little hat..OMG..MMMMMM..!!
    And that hot and sexy hunk Vincent in uniform..OMG..OMG..MMM..WOOF,WOOF..RRR..RRR..SLURPPP..DROOL!!;)))

  4. Damn jazzy, you ARE trying to kill me.

    OOF, OOF, OOF!!!!!

    I bet he could make a fig leaf look sexy! Could they find one BIG enough?

  5. Oh, I love a man in uniform - especially VDO - he can arrest me anytime. And that olive sand military uniform pic with the cigarette is giving me the vapors!! OMG! TOTAL HOTNESS!!! What a babe he is!!!! Jazzy, you are amazing! Thanks for the afternoon delight thoughts!!!! Gotta go home now!! lol!

  6. Yup, only one thing better than Vincent in uniform, and that's Vincent out of uniform, or indeed any clothes at all.

    Aren't we lucky that he's proved this so many times :)

  7. My brain just exploded too. Along with other body parts!

  8. i can hear you, ladies! got a few "kabooms" too, myself.

  9. I love it when he wears a uniform. He is totally hot. And they fit him so nicely. That's a package I'd like to unwrap slowly.

  10. NO ONE wears a uniform like our Vincent! Perfection!

  11. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Vincent see very well out in uniform. I like this Photos :-)