Briefing Vincent

Hello Vince,
If there was an award for "Sexiest Hardest Working Guy in Showbiz" then you should get one.
You are an actor who gives everything to us - everything.
Way to go!

Nonetheless we have a problem concerning supplies. A major problem so to say!!
See, I'm in charge of the Sunday posts, and you know what they look like, don't you.
And now guess what -- I need new image material.

So be a good boy and go for leading roles in some mind blowing XXX-rated films.
Just to make sure you got that right:
The "content" has to be firm and upright, plot is optional.

If you need detailed suggestions about that just go in touch with your vixens.
No doubt they have a few movie ideas, and they are willing to share them here and now with you!

Have A Hot Sunday!


  1. VoG and NT make me wet! You owe me laundry soap!!!!

    All of the caps are purrrfect.

  2. Oh! YES - this is why I love 'Hot Sunday's.' :))

  3. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I have a feeling he thinks his days for 'romantic/naked'movies are over. I can assure him (and I'd like to, in person!) he's wrong.... Then again, he doesn't think he's anything to look at either!!!

  4. delishly melting in so much flesh - so many thigh shots, and tongue and so much more

    who needs HRT - Vincent is all the "juice inducer" I need - the perfect cure but also the cause of the hot flushes

  5. I have plenty of ideas for some sizzling movie scenes, but is a plot necessary? After all most of the time I find myself so captivated by Vincent I forget to pay attention to the plot. And as for too old, never, let's not forget Marlon Brando in "Last Tango in Paris". Maybe it's time for a remake of that film?

  6. Diane and I wrote a lovely scene for Vincent. It's a Western, he's bathing at a watering hole, of course he doesn't have a towel so he has to lie on the ground (naked) and let the warmth of the sun dry him off.

  7. i'm totally liking this idea, artist! cholo err vince could even sex up some scenes.

    now i'm beginning to see how tess and diane spend their time. lol!
    well done, ladies, no green towel for vince.

  8. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Jazzy, Vincent can have our 'Western Script' for free - as long as we get to 'over-see' the shooting of it :0)

  9. So if you ever make the Di/Tess Cowboy project come true, please get him a Lasso. For some unknown reasons I think it would be a nice equipment. Oh, and would he ride a horse? God, Vince on a western, so many possibilities...

  10. I have lots of movie ideas. But I don't want to tell them to Vincent...I want to ACT them out with him!

    This Western that Diane and Tess have written, how long do they let Vincent lie naked in the sun before they get 'involved'? ;)

  11. How about the Labours of Hercules? He has to sleep with this huge bunch of , er, virgins.

    That's us cast, Vixens. With some imagination.

  12. Got to admit it takes some time to imagine us as virgins. LOL!
    Oh wait, wasn't there a nine-headed Python-like beast fighting with Hercules?

  13. I wish I had some big scene worked out, but I never get any further than 'he removes his clothes'. Not much basis for a whole movie :-)

  14. i, personally, would watch such a movie for hours, eliza.

  15. How about an older, more mature (and even SEXIER) "Midnight Cowboy"?!?! With VDO in the lead, THAT is a "western" I could truly enjoy!

  16. Lol, Jazzy! And this time the "Python beast" will be on Vincent's side, 'battling' alongside with him! And we can only dream of it having nine heads - ooh, Vincent could 'vanquish' nine Vixens at a time!

  17. That's why it's called "method acting".....we all draw from our previous experiences as virgins. I know we can act that role if "forced" to for a role along side VDO!

  18. YEA..I DO have "few' ideas from this vixen*evil gigle..evil dmile..blush..gigles..*I would loveee to explain and "tell and show" my ideas,alone with Vincent,behin closed door..with the key in my pocket!!;)))