The Book Of Sex

There is a book written by Steven Rhoads - "Taking Sex Differences Seriously".

Aha, so there are differences?! Now that's what I call news!

Some nuggets:

---- How often do men think about sex? And how often do women think about sex?
"On average, men say three to five times a day. Women say several times a week or several times a month."

---- One survey of men and women over 45 asked how often they felt sexual desire.
"More than seven times as many men as women said more than once a day, and more than four times
as many women as men said 'not at all'."

Only three times a day
Not at all

Pardonnez-moi, but since I 'know' Vincent I think about nothing else but sex.
Maybe I have a serious "D'onofing 24hrs a day non-stop brain-gym with VDO" disorder,
but I just don't match with Mr. Rhoads' studies.

That's why I made a book, too.


  1. You will definitely be the death of me some day........well, at least my batteries. I must remember to buy in bulk!

  2. Well without a doubt I would buy your book Jazzy ;)

  3. Your book makes MUCH MORE sense than that other silly book, Jazzy. And yours is MUCH more interesting. May I order 100 copies to send to my closest friends? Hee.

  4. Mr. Rhoads knows diddly-squat about the 'VDO factor'! A more appropriate question for us Vixens is, How many times an HOUR do you think about having sex with Vincent?

    Move over, Jane Austen. I have a new favorite author - Jazzy! Who needs "Pride and Prejudice" when I can 'study' your book!

  5. Anonymous5:31 AM

    I think it is that old addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder cycle. Because we are addicted we look at his images (pictures, TV, movies) or hear the sound of his voice and we just create our own pictures in our head which make us want to watch more or hear his voice again to create more pictures in our heads .... just...can't....stop!

  6. Yet another man who knows nothing about what makes us tick.Obviously the survey didn't ask the right women, or even the right questions.If he'd surveyed us we'd have thrown all his results :-D

  7. Anonymous10:23 AM

    It's quite funny really. When I think about Vincent, I seem to automatically think about sex, without even trying to...and I think about Vincent...a LOT ;0)

    As others have observed, the book was written by a man, who clearly knows nothing about women and Snarkangels. I'd need at least 1 copy of your book for every room in the house!

  8. as a matter of prudence - and because i know you sweeties well - i made tons of copies of the book. so there is a sufficiently large number for all "right" women and snarkangel(s)... lol, diane, cute said!

  9. Clearly your book is a bestseller!

    Can one think about Vincent without thinking about sex? I don't think so ;)

  10. What a great book!

    Of course, what men think about is not so much having sex, as having an orgasm. They could use the neck of a bottle.

    Women think about all sorts of different and lengthy (sighs) scenarios with a big, sexy stud.

    So actually, women think about REAL sex MUCH more often than men.

    May I incldue you among the fairer sex on this one Snarkangel?

  11. Great book jazzy!!! Talk about some wonderful bedtime reading! Of course that's the kinda book I'd read 24/7.

  12. Speaking of sex and Vincent ... there was a twitter message last night from a woman staying in the hotel room next door to Vincent in Detroit. Now can you just imagine! My mom laughed that I would be standing next to my door listening for every time his door opened and "coincidently" leaving my room the same time ... every time he opened his door.
    I just couldn't imagine that there only being being a thin little hotel wall between a sleeping VDO and a WIDE AWAKE me!

  13. the rumor mill at twitters is busy as usual, VDOnSD.
    all i can say is, a true vixen would have made (at least) a try to charm him.

  14. Yea, I got the impression this person wasn't really a true fan. She made another comment about some of the other stars of The Irishman also being in the same hotel, but it not being worth getting out of her warm robe.

    She was some professional public speaker or something - when I checked out her web page. Not a Vixin - at all.

  15. She sounded like she actually was legit. I know I travel a lot with work and used to see "famous" people all the time. Unfortunately never anyone I was particularly interested in meeting. So you kind of become immune to it ... this person sounded like that. Not a Vixen and immune to the whole celeb thing.

  16. ??????!!!!WHAT???YEA RIGHT!!I DON'T THINK SO!!I'm a woman in my early 30's,and I think of sex every day,if I have free time for my brain all day,I would think of sex..hmmm..around maybe every 1,5/2up to 3hours.And when it comes to Vincent'I try not to think of him evey min of the day;so I can do my every day things..I only think one think to do with him-HOT,HOT WILD,NAUGHTY SEX,SEX,SEX..!!!;)));)))

  17. Anonymous6:00 PM

    OK, ladies (and snarkangel(s)) if you were the one lucky enough to be in Motor City in the room next door I think you will agree with me here. Just go ahead and be aggressive without trying to look too obvious.

    Spend your day (and night if necessary) wrapped in nothing but a towel. When you hear the door open take some room service stuff out to the door and accidently get locked out. A simple "oh, shit" or maybe even something a little more severe if he doesn't respond to that which can plant a word in this mind, maybe "you have got to be f****** kidding me!" might make him turn around if he is walking the other way.

    You must really try and ignore him and act very embarrassed while this is happening or you will be too obvious. If he acknowledges you only ask him to tell someone at the front desk for you (don't ask if you can stay in his room or drop your towel or anything else because you want him only thinking about it - I'm sure he thinks about it a lot per the survey you quoted).

    I know I live in a fantasy world but I don't think he could ignore someone in distress. Here's my fantasy though. The plan would be that he would get someone to help you and he would probably be thinking about it at several points during the day. He may even knock on your door later just so he could check to see if you were all right. Of course you would answer (fully dressed this time) with a glass of wine in your hand, laugh about it saying how utterly embarrassed you were, and then thank him for getting someone to help you. Then I guess you would just have to say "where are my manners I shouldn't be keeping you in the hall". Don't act dejected if he doesn't at least you will know that he was thinking about it/you.

    Even if he never knocks on your door it will probably be something he will remember! Maybe even talk about it to someone which again will show that he was thinking about it/you.

  18. good advice, witness! although i, personally would just ask him: "do you want to f*****?"

    btw is it really necessary to wear a towel?
    (sorry, it's my shallow day)

  19. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Gee, I wonder how many women just walk up to him and say that?

  20. So who did this man interview - Nuns? Seriously, I am so sick of stupid men (not you my darlng Snarkangel) who truly believe women are not interested in sex. Maybe not sex with that arrogant nitwit, but we are interested in sex. Frankly, when it comes to Vincent I can't stop thinking about it.

    As for being lucky enough to be next door to Vincent - just the thought makes my heart skip a beat. I hope I never get so jaded that I would not be impressed that a celebrity is in the room next to mine.