Let's use him - err.... it!

Since we have got the ridiculous adult content warning-thing we are going to
-- guess what!?! -- useeee it!

Here we go:

The MAN that you are about to view may contain content only suitable for adults!

...with Elton anytime!

Have a hot Sunday ;)


  1. DAMN!! I need to watch that movie again. Talk about starting the weekend off right! Bless you jazzy!

    I never understood why the stupid woman tried to push him off of her; me, I would've been digging my nails into his back screaming "More, Don't stop, More, Please baby don't stop, don't ever stop."

    Sorry, that's probably more than any of you want to know...

  2. No, really obsessed.......I figured you for a shy, demure person!

    Remember, no permanent damage, the rest of us need our fun, too!!!


  3. Shit jazzy, I NEED those pictures!!!! You ARE such a tease.....!

  4. Anonymous5:27 PM

    By the time I finally "got my hands on" this movie I had already seen the clips. Jazzy, I think you should have been in charge of putting the trailers together for Vincent's movies. I can only imagine what they would have been like.

    We would still have gone to see or gotten every one of them and remembered so much more about the man than just these scenes. While we often objectify him for our own personal pleasure (how shallow but necessary of us) in certain ways we all know that there is much more to him as an actor than just this.

    There was no sex in TWWW and it is still my favorite of his. He was so great in it that even without the kiss scene I would still have loved it. The intensity of the entire man on the large or small screen is well--pretty intense!

    Soon his birthday will be here and I think we all can say that he is one of those people that you can say the not getting older getting better phrase about - even though he may not feel that at times its true.

    Oh well, I thought I should take the high road or I will get absolutely nothing done today after this! Jazzy, I still think you should go back and re-trailer all his films so that you can talk him into re-releasing them all on the big screen!

  5. I'm SO glad I'm an adult :)

  6. oooh witness, i'll try my VERY best to do that. in addition i also would talk him into much more "entertaining activities" than re-releasing films.

  7. I'm glad I'm an adult too...imagine seeing Vincent and not being old enough to use the pictures in your head :-D

    Lovely end to the day

  8. I'm not an adult, after that I'm an ANIMAL!

  9. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Thank god I'm an adult or I might not be able to watch this ;0)

  10. oH...dEAR......LORD!!!!!

  11. Age has it's advantages sometimes!

  12. Too bad eBay wasn't nearly as popular when this film was made as it is now ... I would have LOVED to have bid on the sheets in that bed in THAT scene!! LOL

  13. You always know how to make my Sunday Jazzy :))))

  14. Okay Witness I hate to say it but I'm taking the low road. The man makes me crazy - everything about him drives me wild. And yes, he is getting better with age. I only wish I had the opportunity to sip his fine wine which has mellowed with age and tastes so much sweeter. He's absolutely divine.

  15. just to join the low road (as if i knew any other roads) ...
    even if that sheet was available on ebay, they would have thrown it in a washing machine first. NOT good at all!

  16. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Ok, I can get low road too. Find out the Detroit hotel and pay the maid for any used items she might find; sheets, towels, cigarette butts he may have smoked to press against your lips, glasses he may have pressed his lips to, etc.

  17. Anonymous1:50 AM

    I'll tell you no Sunday afternoon is ever boring with any of you online!

    Age definitely has its advantage. Not such the shy person I used to be! A little more what's in it for me these days. Is that a bad thing?

  18. Shy person, Witness? C'mon!
    Anyway. As soon as we get a cigarett butt he smoked, a glass, etc, we could use his DNA and clone him. So every vixen could get a personal Vinnie :)

    And when you say "he may have pressed his lips" I feel a bit... well... dizzy!

  19. ;)));)))*twisting her face in to a BIG evil grin..*
    Fuzzytweetie I'm like that,too..but not around him..WOOF!;)
    Jazzy I would like to help you with that job,like witness sugested!!;)

  20. Witness - my favorite all time kiss was from TWWW..that image is burned in my head...

    What are we doing for his birthday? Can you say "giant cake with all of us jumping out of it..." I am sure his wife (and those of us who are married)would mind, but IT SHOULD BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!!