Bigfoot - Size Does Matter!


  1. This is why I like it when he wears suits. The Python has so much more room to move!

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    And my thanks to the python for having fun trying to mount the table. Lucky table I say!!!!

  3. Of course size does matter..why says it dosen't LIES;) Vincent case OY MY..mother nature shure was generous in Vincent case;she gave him everything in the right size!!;))

  4. He stretches the damn material in that first picture!

  5. What a view. The man is impressive no matter where you look. LOL.

  6. i'm NOT going to say "he can stretch my material any time", i promise ;P

  7. Not that your 'stretchy material' reminds me of spandex, Jazzy, but I think I need to see Bobby in spandex...ooh, the str-e-t-c-hing that would be showing would make me so happy!

  8. I agree about size! What size suit do you think he wears??? I think around 48long. Could be a 50 or so, depends on the maker.

    That IS what you're talking about, right??!!!

    P.S. I don't think spandex "wood" make a very good suit........


  9. You're all absolutely disgusting...which is probably why I feel so at home here :-D

    Wonderful selection of shots Jazzy

  10. Do you think he's trying to look down her shirt in the slideshow? Naughty boy......

  11. i have an off subject issue...
    well, a couple

    and im not sure where or how to post such things on this site

    hopefully u can help.

    it was said that vince was born in bensonhurst, brooklyn ny
    his name is not on the wiki thingy of actors born in that area, but it does mention all three stooges LOL

    we are thinking about a gift for vincents birthday ...we wont say what it is but you and the reel will be the first to know if we pull it off.

    i just want to confirm that bensonhurst is his "hood" and what areas in the neighborhood need help(if any). we were looking at a site that talked about brooklyn park, a park that he may have gown up in...that would be an interesting target for what we r trying to do

    any info you can muster up would be helping..

    june 30 is coming up fast.

    last year he had a star named after him (now we know why the moon shines even brighter now)

    this year will be even better, and it will be right here on earth

    email me at phillipo and friends with any news that can help

    thanks a bunch



  12. Is that a beer can in his pants or is he just happy to see me? The big five-oh is right around the corner!!

  13. Snarkangel, I think it's a Titan missile! And it is checking out the 'territory'!

  14. Anonymous7:51 AM

    How can Kate even walk next to him without either laughing or jumping on him? Come on if we see it she sees it right?

    Got to love the cut of his jib! Just to make sure I was spelling this correctly I used You will be pleased with what I found:

    the projecting arm of a crane (noun) HMM!

    to move restively sidewise or backward instead of forward, as an animal in harness (verb) AHEM!

    –noun Nautical.
    1. any of various triangular sails set forward of a forestaysail or fore-topmast staysail. Compare flying jib, inner jib.
    2. the inner one of two such sails, set inward from a flying jib

    Oh yeah, now I know what a flying jib is!

  15. Thank you for making my day Jazzy, after a crappy week this has certainly cheered me up and put a huge smile on my face :)))))

  16. thanks for the research, witness. "fore-topmast" aye aye sir!

    it's always a safe bet that the grey suit makes a vixen smile, dear viv :)

    titan missile or tight missile, jersey?

  17. Jazzy, can't it be both? If it's Vincent, it can!

  18. Length AND width make a difference, but talent doesn't hurt either. You lasted longer than I did to get slapped with the Adult Content. I got mine months ago for a naked butt in one cap with him and the witch. Like you, I say if you got it use it. And you did. Very well done. The trolls probably complained.

    Eyes rolling now

  19. Right on, BASRIC! Right on!!!

  20. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Well, you could just say its art! After all there is a lot more provocative stuff that qualifies as art. Simply put it would be true, HE is a work of art and everyone should have the ability and opportunity to appreciate the arts! Right?

    Gee, maybe you could even get a government grant for all your hard work. Oh, that's right you don't live in the US do you. The way we pass out grants for some of the crap I have seen is amazing!