Sometimes I spend a while on music sites. On one of those sites I read the word FOT. At first I thought it must be a misspelling, because I got no idea what that means. Then I saw that word on several other comments, but I did not dare to ask for the meaning.
A day ago I saw this picture of Vincent - filming set Naked Tango, Buenos Aires.
I was staring at it for a looooooong time. Yes, you can guess why.

And suddenly I got the meaning of FOT.

Aaaaaaah NOW I see!

Have a hot Sunday :)


  1. OMG I want to rip that tee shirt off of him and do unspeakable things to him. He is so FOT, I'm surprised the blog doesn't spontaneously burst into flames. I'm weak in the knees and the room is reeling. Must go and lay down.

  2. FOT! INDEEEEEEEEEEED!!! I CANNOT thank you enough for posting this ultra-delicious pic of him!! Never seen this one before, and I may never see again after viewing it! LOL!

  3. Okay ... I read the VDO blogs all the time and am usually just a lurker. BUT this picture got me out of the closet. Can I just say OMG. FOT is right!

  4. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I'm speechless.

    Maybe a first!

  5. FOT!..oh yeah, definitely :-D

    Never seen that one before,so you made my Sunday already and it's only just gone 6am...thank you!!

  6. Girls,it's too early for me...
    Could someone please explain me what FOT means?
    I'm just looking at that pic of hot Cholo...and I forgot...my own...name...that SHIRT,that LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gotcha! I confess, i am just a lurker, too, but you finally got me, Jazzy! where did you find it? gimme more, please... he's to go(o)d to be real.

  8. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I think what's left of my hormones just self-combusted.....

    WooooooooooooooooooooooF (or should that be FOT?!)

    You made my Sunday too - thankyou *mwoar*

  9. How did this ultimate piece of hotness never come to light before? Can he really have been unaware of how supremely hot he was? Can he be unaware still of his drool-making hotness?

  10. OMG!! Never saw this pic, but I can't stop looking at it, either. Don't know how I'm supposed to get anything done today when all I wanna do is drool over this.

  11. welcome aboard lurkers :) so glad to meet you finally!

    guiding light, FOT = fuckable hot, and/or fuckin' hot.

    and i think we really should view that photo while sitting in a bathtube full of iced water -- just to protect our body against... well... "things".

  12. All I can do is drool and make little moaning sounds!

  13. Jazzy, I LOVE YOU!!!!! You are now my second favorite person in the world!!! (First being the FOT man in the picture)

    Artist, you took the words right out of my mouth. Although I would love to whisper in his ear all the "unspeakable' things I want to do to him first.

    After seeing this picture, I've decided. If I die tomorrow, I want to be re-incarnated as his cigarette...

  14. the way he holds the cigaret with his lips is just too much, i know! oh, and would you please take a look at his neck and the CHEST muscles!!!
    *off to the iced bathtube*

  15. He is fall, fark, fandsome and FEXY!

    Why does he have to be so perfect? Makes it hard to look at other men in the same way...they just don't 'measure up'!

    Thank you for this picture!

  16. All I can say is Holy Fuck, jazzy!!

    Where in the HELL did you get this picture.......seriously, where did you get it???

    Fuckably Hot

    Fucking Hot

    I need new batteries~~~~~!!

  17. where i got it from? well, (just between you and me) it's a photo from my photoalbum of cholos and my honeymoon ;)

  18. Glad you liked the picture, Jazzy.

    It caused quite a stir on LiveJournal too when I posted it there! I am now telling people that they should sit in a bathtub before viewing certain VDO-related material, as most people's household insurance does NOT cover damage caused by floods of drool ...

    He really is quite outrageously good looking.

  19. Now "outrageously" is the word, yes!!

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  21. OH MY GOD!!!!!
    I'm speechless....at the moment I'm busy to drool on the pic......

  22. all vixens would be glad about such a household insurance. god knows how many keyboards - not only keyboards - has been ruined in all those years of drooling.

  23. I've been looking at my insurance policy. It contains a clause which refers to an ‘Act of God’. This limits liability for natural phenomena such as lightning strikes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and plagues of frogs – freak occurrences which cannot be prevented.

    Not sure is near-death-by-drowning-in-drool as occasioned by over enthusiastic viewing of FOT pictures of Vincent is covered, really. My carpets are WRECKED.