Joint post by Jazzy & Artist

As we all know Vincent is a very (edit, thx val) virile man, however can one man truly satisfy
all his Vixens
and not succumb to fatigue?

Sleepy eyes

So we are in search of scientists who can clone Vincent so that each and every Vixen can have his/her very own Vincent
(anatomically correct of course – no Ken dolls, thank you very much)!


To apply for the position please send your resume or vita, references and documentation of your medical background to Team 13 where our experts will review your qualifications.

The person with the best credentials wins the position as head researcher and gets his/her own laboratory & Vincent inspired lab coat.
Yes, we promise!


Exciting isn’t it? Your very own Vincent! Keep in mind scientists we don’t just want a pretty face and an anatomically correct python, our Vincent clones must embody the same characteristics, personality and Jenesaisquoi that Vincent possesses.

What vital characteristics and physical attributes would you include?

Fires Within

Now let’s see those credentials and good luck everyone!


  1. I think Vincent could satisfy all of us but probably not as many times as we'd like, so individual Vincent's is a Fabulous idea!

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Sorry no CV/resume attached only working specifications that I think I can bring to the table in the design:

    In addition to focus on identical external features I will focus on the essence that is Vincent Donofrio:

    1. Voice print will be followed exactly; including tone, pace, pitch as well as pausing and repetition mode tendencies.

    2. Eyes will be able to track, lure, and tease by expressing emotions of love, lust, and little boy innocence and playfulness (in addition to the general soulful personality viewable when gazing into said eyes).

    3. Hands in addition to being purely functional will also be able to express, caress, finesse, undress in all in seductive manner.

    4. Dancing ability will include playful silly dancing, tango and slow dancing, and the bump and grind dancing desired when in erotic situations.

    5. Programming will include the ability for the designated user to choose desired persona from a variety of D'Onofrio characters and ability to change these personas in a user friendly manner.

    6. Personal Vincent will find satisfaction in all he does because we care about his needs too!

    All of above will be coded to perform only for the designated user so you cannot rent or loan out your personal Vincent because if you're willing to do that you really don't need your own personal copy do you!

    Loved the choice of Dr. F (I am a big Curry fan from WAY back) and used to go to these midnight showings. LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!! Showing my age here but I don't care!

    ...and VDO'O I thought of the above in only about 5 minutes which is why you have a list of so few things!!

  3. N'Furter, show me something green and sexy!

    btw you all need to know: the original vincent is NOT part of the prize

  4. Okay, Witness, you got me all I can say is WOW!

  5. Anonymous7:52 PM

    The problem is dear ladies, since Vincent is truly 'unique', a total one-off, any clone would still be 'lacking' his vital essence - but I like the idea! Naturally, we'd need to put the real thing through his paces, before any cloning took place, something I (selflessly) volunteer myself for, THEN I can make a list...anatomically correct in all aspects ;0)

  6. PLEEEEEAAASSSE tell me you meant "virile", not "viral". (As in disease carried by a virus.

  7. Jazzy is innocent. Yes, you are correct Val, my mistake. Viral (damn Flu) is what I have been suffering with all week. Must have been a Freudian slip! At least I didn't completely screw up and write virgin instead of virile. LOL. Crawling back into bed before I hack up another fur ball. Thanks for the catch Val.

  8. a virginal vince would not know how to please me. i better take the virile version!

    get well soon, artist

  9. I like the idea of a long as he is correct in EVERY way :-D

  10. I just want to know how much each cloned Vincent will cost! I probably need to start saving now! LOL

  11. Make as many clones as you like...I want the original.

  12. good news, snark! i've talked with philip the winner, and he said he will support our clone project with money.

  13. Poor Artist, I hope you are beginning to feel better. No wonder you had viruses on your mind. Much better to have Vincent there. Or even better, on your body :)

  14. Val - thanks for the encouraging words, feeling much better now that I'm on antibiotics. Of course if Vincent was on top of me, I'd heal instantly. If only! Looking forward to my own clone.

  15. Instead of cloning our one-of-a-kind Vincent, maybe they need to create "Vixagra" - as long as he has a supply of that, he'll be able to satisfy all of his Vixens! ;)

    But if I can't have the original, I'll take a clone...god knows my active imagination will supply the rest...

  16. "Vixagra" that cracks me up, lol!
    jersey, you deserve a spezial prize for THE word creation of this year.

  17. Jazzy, Vincent really gets our creative juices flowing...not to mention some other juices!