My Two New FAVORITE D'Onofrio Videos This Week!

Found these delectable gems on YouTube today. NOT TO BE MISSED! ENJOY!

This one, courtesy of Flowrpowrera ...

... And this admittedly "shippy" Goren and Eames vid ... by QuietFireCA ...


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  2. Sorry that was me.

    I'm not a shipper, so I'm not going to comment that much on the second vid. I liked the song though.

    I LOVED THE FIRST ONE!!!! Oh, to be dipped by that man. Of course we all know what they say about a man with rhythm on the dance floor...

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I'm absolutely NOT a shipper, so I shut my eyes and listened to the song ;0)

    I'm SO jealous that Uma got to kind of 'dance' standing on his feet..

  4. Great videos.

    Oh! yeh! the man definitely has rhythm ;)

    I'm also not a shipper but I love watching the shippy videos, they have this wonderful chemistry between them that sometimes I just wonder ... maybe !!

  5. Those videos are my new favorite VDO's this week. Ahhh, a man that can dance is a dream come true!

  6. the first video is nicely done; the scene from championship season is priceless.
    thanks for posting, love!

    if i only knew what they say about a man with rhythm on the dance floor ;P

  7. I absolutely love the first one. Even the music (and you know me, if it's later than The Beatles it's just not me).

  8. Oh Snark they're delightful I'm not a shipper but can certainly appreciate the video. Nice music for both. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm not a shipper either but I do love the complicated relationship Goren and Eames have...

  10. Not a shipper myself, but the second one was edited very well. However, I absolutely loved the first one! So many clips of movies that I haven't seen yet, great editing, and the music was addictive. Tried to download the song on iTunes but they don't have it. :(

    BTW, what film is the clip of Vincent walking down the hall with the other guy from?

  11. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I'm a VDO lover, and heck yeah, I'm a shipper. Although at 49 years old I feel rather ridiculous writing that LOL! I can just imagine trying to explain that one to my teenage sons. :) I read and enjoy ALL fanfic out there, non-ship and ship alike. I love everyone.

    Having said that, LOVED both videos, they are just awesome! I wish I had the talent to make those, because I love music, and I love how well these two match the images to the songs. Beautiful!

    Love this blog, it is AMAZING!