Team Thirteen Projects is now going to stop broadcasting for a while. Probably quite a long while. However, if anything earth-shattering occurs, we will of course keep you fully informed,
in our inimitable style - so don't forget to stay subscribed.

So long for now and thank you for being such fun over the years. It was fun!
And a great honor for Team 13!

They always say "It ain't over till the fat lady sings" ...
well, we don't have a picture of Jazzy or the gorgeous Vincent as a fat lady, so this have to do.

Hello! And Welcome To Your Sex-Ed Class!

Good Morning Class!
My name is Mister Webster and I’m going to be your Sexual Education teacher!
I hope that you discover how much fun Sexual Education can be. And I hope I can communicate to you how much fun it is also for me to SHOW you! Let's make it a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for both, you and I.
Do not look at Sexual Education as just another school subject! Your attitude towards it will decide how well you progress and learn. You must start with a strong foundation or base, and slowly build on it, day by day. And you must PRACTICE! Daily practice is so very important! Just think about the old German saying "We're not learning for school, but for life!"

Now pop quiz please, no talking!
JoJo, Snark, Bev, Mauigirl, I said NO talking, and that goes for you too! If you don't listen I'll 'discipline' you! You know what I mean?

Here's your question. Multiple choice.

"Do you want to stay after school for private tutoring?"

A, Yes. B, Yes. Or C, Yes.

Tick tick tick! Time's up, pencils down. What do you say?

All I Want For Christmas

Apologies that Blogger has decided (again) to take a few posts down. I tried to get them back but all I got was 'Service not available'.... as usual. Well, as long as Vincent is 'available'....!

I heard this song on the radio and thought VDO!
"All I Want For Christmas" by Vince Vance & The Valiants

Take back the holly and mistletoe
Silver bells on string
If we wrote a letter to Santa Claus
We would ask for just one thing

We don't need sleigh rides in the snow
Don't want a Christmas that's blue
Take back the tinsel, stockings, and bows
'Cuz all we want for Christmas is you

We don't need expensive things
They don't matter to us
All that we want, can't be found
Underneath the Christmas tree

You are the angel atop our tree
You are our dream come true
Santa can't bring us what we need
'Cuz all we want for Christmas is you!

Sooo, dear Santa, you know what's on our list! Hint: it's bigger than a Prada shoe box and it's the same as previous year. Okay, further hint: take a look at the blonde Lady, she' s holding our list in her hand!

Hmmm.... you think here's hope we'll get everything we wish for on our Christmas list?

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Get Your Dream Job!

Many airports across the country are seeking to hire more airport security screeners!

Transportation security screeners' duties include providing frontline security and protection of travelers, airports and airplanes by identifying dangerous objects in baggage and on passengers. Their job is to prevent those objects from being transported onto aircraft by utilizing diverse, cutting edge electronic detection and imaging equipment, as well as using the lessons learned from a concentrated training curriculum. These job duties will be carried out using means of electronic screening machines, hand-held screeners, and hands-on "pat down" methods directly touching passengers.

At this point, dear Vixens, you may well ask why this is relevant to you, and what does this has to do with Vincent??? Well, Vincent travels by airplane! Okay, you need to know that passengers are to assume the positions as seen below.

The screener (that could be you) must run their hands up one leg, feel around at the crotch area for contraband .......

......down the other leg, back up the back side of the leg, feel around the passenger's ass for more contraband.

Take a breath! Okay, then starting at the waist area,

run hands up and around the chest area.

Then up around the shoulders and then with arms around the passenger,

feel down and around the back.

Now you will start on one arm, feeling all the muscular parts, looking for anything unusual,

then doing the same on the other arm.

And just in case he may have concealed anything in his hair, you must run your hands all through his hair,

lingering around the ears, neck, and throat.

The final step is an internal inspection of the passenger's mouth with your own lips and tongue!

Aaaahh I want to get this job so badly!!!
Anyone else want to apply?

Happy Birthday JoJo!

Dear JoJo, today is your special day and Bill is here wanting to take you out to a romantic dinner!

Orkut Birthday Scraps

But first he would like to perform the Birthday poem he wrote just for you. Enjoy!

I wish I could give you a birthday kiss

If only you, I didn't have to miss

I wish I could give you a birthday hug

I wish I could hold you all snug!



Adorable edibles for naughty vixens, pilgrims and other Thanksgiving guests!

What we're talking about is a wonderful day set aside on the fourth Thursday of November when no one diets. And who would not like to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the world's sexiest man?

Don't fear if you can't prepare a thirteen course menu. Just serve him a little something special, hot and spicy. Imagine our veracious Vincent dining on cranboobies, rhubarb pie, whipped cream and all sorts of decadent delicacies on this festive holiday.
Perhaps he will bring a fruit basket and let you peel the banana just for him. You can slowly nibble or swallow it whole. Or offer yourself to Vincent as a food model where you become the canvas. Be creative, Vixens, the opportunities are endless! "Give Thanks" to him any way you desire. It will surely guarantee a perfect tasty addition to your holiday meal.

Let us give thanks today and share our love of Vincent, shall we?

Dear Vixens!

I say thank YOU!
Thank you for always taking the time to stop by and comment even though we lead busy lives; please know you are loved! Thank you sooo much for sharing your thoughts here with our VDO family. I am grateful from my heart for you all and our lovely host Vincent.
Vixens, you are the absolute best!!