7 degrees of Vincent

Those of us that are over well, okay those of us that remember the 90s played a game called 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Hopefully everyone knows who Kevin Bacon is...

Sorry one of my FAVORITE pics but he wanted me to explain the game for those of you that well are younger than some...

Kevin Bacon had such a wide appeal and was in so many movies that you could name a celebrity in within 7 movies link him to Kevin Bacon. It was fun and challenging and I enjoyed trying to make a connection in the least amount of links possible.

Vincent is suggesting that I get on with the point so I will...

My buddy Michelle, (fellow D'Onofrio recruit, I'm worse than an Army recruiter about this man.. sorry digressing again, my BAD!), and I were reminiscing about that game and than I had a D'Onofrio induced thought. (Not an uncommon occurrence in my house after all my family calls him my boyfriend!)

I'm taking so long he said he needed a beverage so I'll hurry it along...

With our beloved's vast credentials it would be easy to change the game to 7 degrees of Vincent D'Onofrio. I'll illustrate my point thusly.....

Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe to Denzel Washington in American Gangsters
Denzel Washington to Ethan Hawke in Training Day
Ethan Hawke to Vincent D'Onofrio in Brooklyn's Finest or if you'd rather Chelsea Walls

See in only 3 steps!

Still not convinced okay let's see another star.. um... okay got one

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey to Al Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross
Al Pacino to Don Cheadle in Ocean's 13
Don Cheadle to Vincent D'Onofrio in Brooklyn's Finest!
3 steps again I rock!

If you can't see the way the game is played now both he and I are out of ideas, but we bet you have it....
So let us have it! Throw out the star you don't think will work and let's see if we can connect them to D'Onofrio in 7 steps. I suppose I should do one more... the obvious choice

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon to Tim Robbins in Mystic River
Tim Robbins to Vincent D'Onofrio in the Player
tee hee only 2 steps!

Come on vixens, let's play a game!


  1. Me to Vincent in only one step, then fall on to the bed

  2. I'm not good at the 7 degrees, except that we're all at least 7 degrees from Vincent based upon the people we know in our lives. :)

  3. Jeff Goldblum to Will Smith in Independence Day
    Will Smith to Vincent D'Onofrio in MIB
    Will Smith to Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day
    Jeff Goldblum to Vincent D'Onofrio in LOCI!
    I'm just a bad girl : I know how much you love Jeff Goldblum! lol ;)

  4. Adrian Brody to Roman Polanski in The Pianist.
    Roman Polanski to Jack Nickolson in Chinatown.
    Jack Nickolson to Michael Keaton in Batman.
    Michael Keaton to Matthew Modine in Pacific Heights.
    Mathew Modine to Adam Baldwin in FMJ (pffff too easy).
    So, Modine to Will Smith in Independence Day.
    Will Smith to Vince in MIB.

  5. Speaking of Kevin Bacon ...

    Kevin Bacon with Kathryn Erbe in Stir of Echoes.

    Kathryn Erbe with Vincent in LOCI!