Additional Criminal Intent News

Yesterday I stumbled upon some additional news about Vincent D’Onofrio and his return to Criminal Intent as Detective Robert Goren.

I suggest reading the article before continuing on…

Vincent D'Onofrio Returns To Criminal Intent For Tenth Season

Done reading? So, two things I would like to quickly discuss and get your opinion on:

“We have been the fortunate caretakers of this legendary series, and we plan to give it the world-class farewell it so richly deserves.”

World-class farewell? Forgive me for being a pessimist, but hello! Look what you did to not only the loyal fans of Criminal Intent, but the [original] cast as well. As much as I look forward to seeing Vincent back on Criminal Intent – and oh how I missed my Bobby – I can’t help but be apprehensive. Can you blame me? I think the world-class farewell I’ve envisioned is something completely different than what they will inevitably envision. Help me out here, guys. Thoughts? Comforting words, maybe?

And here’s what makes me… I don’t even have a word for it. Uncomfortable?

“There is more though. It looks like the final season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be used as launch pad for another all-new series by Dick Wolf. If a spin-off happens it will be a series with Vincent D'Onofrio and his character Detective Robert Goren to star in. No word on when that series will debut, but a pilot commitment has been made for the new project.”

Can’t they just leave well enough alone? As I’ve said to a few people now, I don’t like the idea of a spin-off. I really, really, don’t. I don’t like change. It’s really hard for me to think of one without the other – and by that I mean Goren and Eames. I truly can’t and honestly don’t want to imagine watching Goren work a case without Eames. So if a spin-off is in Vincent D’Onofrio’s future as the first-rate Detective Robert Goren, aren’t I supposed to be happy? Someone told me if VDO is in it, it has to be good. I have no doubt that it’ll be good, but I honestly can’t say for sure that I’d watch it. *Waits for you all to stop screaming at me* I fell in love with the character, Goren, not only because of his passion and what he stands for and who he is, but also because of the close work him and Eames do. I will digress on this subject for now, but I’d really love to hear what you think about this. Please, please, someone slap me because I really don’t know what to think about all this. This is supposed to be good news, right? Well if it’s good news, how come I feel so depressed?

One more thing before I wrap up this blog:

D’Onofrio, Erbe Back to “Law & Order: CI”: We Told You 2 Weeks Ago

Jazzy informed me of the link above early this morning. *Waits for you to read it* One thing I’d like to quickly discuss:

“The loser in all this is Eric Bogosian, whose character was killed off preemptively.”

It’s now been made clear that Vincent will unquestionably be returning, but I have yet to hear of any recent news about Kathryn Erbe. I hear negotiations are still in the works. However, focusing on the sentence in italics for a second, what do you think? As much as I hated Ross for the crap he did (or maybe didn’t do), killing him off was crap. I know Eric himself wasn’t happy about it. If the writers pretend that it never happened, I’ll be pissed. I really don’t think they’d go that route, but nothing would surprise me. And as we all know, Eames fired Goren in their final episode on the show and then resigned. So now what? Because you cannot pretend that didn’t happen. I have my theories, but I’d like to hear yours. If Kathryn Erbe is indeed a go for season 10, how are they going to pull it off?

Dear Dick Wolf: I won't be picky. All I want is this...


  1. When I heard the news I would have liked to tell him: Vincent, DON'T do it!!
    Much as I love Seasons 1 - 7, I do believe that Vincent wasted his talent for S 8 and 9. My guess is, he returns to help his friend D. Wolf, and perhaps he (Vince) as a director needs cash to make new films. Can't blame him. But I very much hope the writers of S10 know their craft; the actors and we, the fans, deserve well written scripts.

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    NO idea where whoever wrote that article has gleaned the rather strange idea that there are plans for another show with Detective Goren after LOCI. That's NOT what all the other articles about Season 10 say - at all - at least not the (huge) amount I've read.

    What they DO say is that part of the deal with NBC/USA is that Dick Wolf has been given the green light for a 'new project'. Nothing I've seen mentioned that this involves Vincent, let alone Bobby, so it looks like, as tends to happen, someone has read 'new project' and 'Vincent D'Onoforio' put 2 and 2 together and made 5 ;0)

    Vincent mentioned earlier this year that he himself had pitched an idea for a TV show, that may or may not come off, but he also stressed it would be totally different to LOCI.

    My personal feeling about Vincent agreeing to go back at all is that it's 'unfinished business' as far as he's concerned. He's not happy with how things ended for his character on LOCI, and he's obviously well aware the fans are seriously not happy about it, so, he's going back to finish it 'properly' but I really don't see him taking Detective Goren off into a spin-off show of some kind. He's already said 8 years is a LONG time to play one character; although I'll be forever grateful that he stuck with it that long - and is gracing us with his presence again.

  3. Whatever he does, I'll be his faithful little doggie. I really do hope Kate is up for the challenge. I think there will be some kind of serious case that they need Goren's special skills for (hopefully the murder of the Chief of Detectives!) and they offer to reinstate him. He will only come back if Eames does. Will she replace the female captain? Maybe. Certainly I see her as having been promoted, maybe Goren will be too.

    And if they end the series with Season 10, and they sail off into the sunset, it had better be to go on to greater things. Eames will move up to Assidstant Deputy Commissioner, Goren will become the NYPD's senior profiler/consultant.

  4. Anonymous11:37 PM

    what would be great is if Vincent insisted that they supply the cash he needs to do Johnny and Me,

    insisted on having directorial freedom on the episodes and on any new show he may be involved in

    insisted that kate, courtney and jamey be brought back

    bring back the nerdy computer geek and bobbys mechanic buddy that had the hots for eams

    get wally stevens out of prison so that he and goren can put their heads together on a case

    leave nicole out of it, she's dead

    i too believe he is doing this for his fans and for his costars
    and as a means to provide for his family.

    he has the set of brass ones now and Dick needs to hand him the reins on the whole project

    someone will have to grovel to get goren to come back, i hope its jeff on his hands and knees saying
    "im sorry, im nowhere near the detective you are, there is no way you can be replaced, please forgive me for believing i could fill your shoes, let me kiss your badge"

    when i wake up from my dream
    bobby will come back and bring down frank adair "again" and deacons will become the cheif of Ds
    carver will be the DA and Eames will take over major case on one condition, Robert Goren be by her side with a high ranking job title with of its respects.

    Robert Goren on his own...........
    if vincent has anything to do with the make up of this show, i could see him making it work
    kate was a great "better half" for him but..... Bobby was the brains

    what ever happens...ill be there with my slippers, white wine and popcorn to watch every show

    he's done a couple of shorts since he left and worked on his projects but having a steady income is important not only to fund his projects but to take care of his family.

    its tough out there.

    and he is a humble and sweet man
    he is not into ego or lime light
    he just wants to do whats right

    i think it will be fine
    he's not going to let dick screw him again
    if they asked him back and he agreed, im sure he insisted he have more control over what happens with the show
    and im sure they were happy to hand him the show on a silver platter because they obviously have no idea what made the show work in the first place

    i look forward to what ever comes next because I KNOW it will be brought to us from his brilliant mind

    nuff said

  5. As much as I do NOT trust USA/NBC, I DO trust Vincent. So I am not going to drive myself crazy by delving into multiple theories and scenarios. What will be will be. I will watch and then I will give my two cents. All we can do is hope for the best and let Vincent guide us there. Hopefully, if anyone can convince Katie to come back, it is Vincent.

  6. I'm really with Snark on this topic. I HAVE to trust Vincent, and I don't know all the reasons why he's coming back to LOCI, but he is. So, I will watch the show. No matter who does or doesn't return. That being said, I feel sure Kate E. will be back. As far as the Spin-Off w/Goren, that I'm thinking, is a misunderstanding, the way 'journalists' often do. What w/he need his own show for? He already has his own show! Now....if it's the show VDO was talking about at the Florida? interview thing, that w/be (according to VDO) entirely different characters. And he was saying AMC was the network. Who knows, maybe Dick made him a better offer, maybe this new character/series is something V really is interested in. AND, V does want to get his flick out there, does want to do more directing, and that takes $$$.
    But, bottom line for me - wherever VDO is, I'll be there.
    But...can't someone just call Vincent and ask him these questions? :(

  7. Maui, if I knew his phone# I would talk with him about far more interesting things than LOCI stuff :)
    Guess you would do the same.

  8. Jazzy - yes, verrry true!

    But this does beg the question - WHY does USA want to bring Goren & Co back for a 10th season. I personally don't buy that Jeff Wachtel crap about giving the show the send-off it deserves. The way USA/NBC treated it's stars/show the past year made me believe they didn't give a crap about the show and just wanted to get rid of it and move on with their new stuff they so incessantly promote to the point of nausea.
    So, WHY is CI coming back for another season? That, to me, is the burning question. What can USA possibly gain from this??
    Thoughts anyone?

  9. Perhaps USA doesn't want to go down in history as the company who messed up the best crime show.

  10. Anonymous3:25 AM

    you all have good points

    im sure vincent will choose a time and place to let us know who/what/when/where and why this is being done

    he is an artist

    im guessing he said "i wont even consider it unless you bring kate back with me" so im positive she will be back. thats just the kind of guy he is and apparently the kind of friendship he and kate have.

    i was a little silly in my first post but in all honesty...

    life is full of uncertainty
    people need to have options,
    having a steady source of income has got to be one of those options.

    especially when (we all know) you are oru future greatest actor/director of all time!

    i KNOW they made him an offer he could not refuse

    i thought back to the story GGG told about howdie being taken off the shelf by a TV network. and how someone told him he wares his feelings on his sleeve

    they hurt him, they disrespected him, they embarrassed him and everyone who was close to him and worked with him

    it was unforgivable!!!

    but he is a smart man, and he is strong and he is talented and he is gentle hearted

    in his decision to go back im sure he had in mind to take the show that "he" made a success back from the idiots who ruined it for all of us and him, and give it a proper farewell (if it is meant to end)

    kind of like the reason he
    did "five minutes mr welles"
    because he was not happy with the way it went before so he stepped up and did his own thing
    thats what he wants to do now

    make things right

    and what ever dick has in mind, im sure it was vincents "mind" that brought a new light into the tunnel.

    i know when the time is right, Vincent will sit down with the right person and tell all of us about why he is doing what he's doing.

    i look forward to it.

    lets just stick by him, support him
    screw everyone and everything else

    i dont trust the networks but i do trust Vincent Philllipe D'Onofrio

    I have NO DOUBT he will give us back what dick and the networks took away from his beloved and loyal fans and friends

    thankx for listening

  11. Well that's a lot of theories speculations and all well thought out but for me it's simply this... Our beloved doesn't make a lot of mistakes, he's as intelligent and intuitive as he is gorgeous so if the man agreed he has a plan. Mostly cause I can't really see him going back to that he*& without a better reason than money, he's had his creative freedoms come alive now and I really don't think he'd relinquish that for money, he's too proud and true to his art. So I am going to put my money behind my sexy man and watch.
    Goren would not be without Eames anyway, she couldn't do the job without him and vice versa and everyone knows it, including tricky Dicky. Our man has Mr. Wolf right where he wants him and isn't that poetic justice after the royal reaming he and his character got the last couple years!
    Do I understand your misgivings Snyder(brilliant post by the way!) absolutely I think we'd all be lying if we didn't feel the same twinges but in the end you, me and all of us will break down and watch whatever he is in, hell I watched the rest of Brooklyn's Finest and I could have turned it off after his scene just to see his name in the credits, yeah I'm a sick little puppy but we all knew that so it kinda goes without saying I guess....
    Point of this ramble is I am gonna have faith that this time Noff will be able to send Goren into the sunset the way he wanted to in the first place, and we will as always love him for it!

  12. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Although I'm sure he's being paid handsomely for going back - and so he should be! - Vincent already said the only reason for him to STAY with the show was money, and that just wasn't enough of a reason for him, so he left. I think we can take it as read that $$$ is NOT the only reason he's going back. Whatever, he knows what he's doing, so it will be fascinating to see 'what happens next'. Maybe Eames didn't resign (we didn't hear her say the words after all), maybe Bobby was 'fired' so he could go work for the Feds on something. No doubt we'll find out next year - a happy thought! ;0)

  13. @ Anonymous
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, you've interesting points. Perhaps next time you'll give your (screen) name?

  14. Anonymous4:55 PM


    im bay girl

    everytime i try to log in it never works

    i dont know if its the pass word or i just cant read the secret code but after a few tries i get frustrated and give up

    but thanks for your comment and thanks for asking

  15. Login problems, yes that sounds like blogger. Glad you came over anyway, bay girl. I too would like to see Wally and Lewis again.

  16. Hey guys. A lot of you had a lot to say so I'm just going to make a general response this time...

    I understand needing to trust Vincent...and I do. But unless it's written down somewhere, his input is meaningless. Let's hope Dick Wolf isn't that stupid. Vincent knows what he's doing and I'm sure we're not completely in the loop on what's going on. But I can hope that we'll find out sooner or later. But I guess his motives don't really matter, do they?

    I'm not saying I won't watch Criminal Intent (although if there is no KE, it will be very difficult for me personally), but the whole show or spin-off that I hope is just a misunderstanding...if that happens, count me out.


  17. Anonymous3:57 PM


    so i guess you're saying you're a supporter of LOCI but not vincent personally?

    please dont take this as an insult, because its not

    dont get me wrong

    a lot of people are here just because they love "the show" and have no real interest in Vincent, his work or his future as an artist

    i get that

    the show was great and im sure he'll make good on the next 8 seasons

    but "the man" touched me personally when he did The View years ago, they gave him a signed coffee mug for his mom because he told them she loved the show
    and he held it up to the camera to show it to her, and said "look mom"on national TV

    thats when i tapped into him as a real loving human being.

    because his charater(robert goren) it so quirky and can be pretty mean to the perps, i found it amazing that the real man was NOTHING like the character

    the more i watch him, the more humble he became, the more human he became, the more supportive i became

    and over the years....his charity works, his devotion to his projects, his humanitarian qualities

    thats why im here
    thats why i watch
    thats why i support the show

    but the show is secondary

    i support the man

    on a LOCI re-write
    in a spin off
    on his movies
    on his short films
    on his directing project
    on his charities...

    what ever it is....
    i make sure that one of those ratings numbers is me

    nuff said

  18. Anonymous4:11 PM


    im sure he'll do right by us on the next 8 EPISODES (not 8 seasons)

    smooches to all

    bay girl

  19. After what they did to Vincent and Bobby,I was sooo angry,so pi**ed off..I knew,I knew they would "eat there words",so to speak..I knew he would go back,even if they ask him back,but thy gave offer he could reffuse..but the point is bobby is back,i don't care which way,bobby is backkk!!!;)))-