My One Question To You, Vincent

Beach (n): 1. an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore. 2. the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves. 3. the area adjacent to a seashore.

A few sentences into only my 2nd blog and you’re probably wondering what an earth I rambling on about now. Well, duh! Vincent D’Onofrio and beaches! In the words of Fox Mulder in The X-Files (Episode: Arcadia): "Did I not make myself clear?" And yes, as much as I like to fantasize about Vincent D’Onofrio, me, beach, alone; that’s not exactly what I mean.

Criminal Intent. Episode: Depths.

First I would just like to say that I love this episode for so many reasons. What can I say? I truly am a season 7 freak. Hands down one of my favorite seasons. But one thing, actually one line from this episode has always had me dumbfounded. To this day, ever since I watched “Depths” I’ve always contemplated a certain statement he made. Again, what am I speaking of? Besides the fact that he looks very yummy with his collar unbuttoned and that irresistible stubble that just makes me want to pounce on him...

In the beginning of the episode, as I’m sure you remember, Bobby was walking on the beach to investigate the dead body that floated to shore. Well, he mumbled something as he was walking towards the body. He said: “I hate the beach.” In fact, it was the very first thing he said in the episode. This particular line has always stuck with me (along with some other very memorable lines which I’ll probably blog about sooner or later). But no other line has made me want to ask him a question as badly as this one. Since I first viewed this episode, I’ve continued to ponder the idea; the fact that maybe Vincent D’Onofrio really doesn’t like beaches. And if not, then why? I was thinking maybe he thinks he's big and feels uncomfortable with himself, you know? And I’m sure I’m not the only one to wonder if this statement is true or if it was just something written in the script that his character was forced to say. And I know, I know. I’m well aware of the fact that he’s ad-libbed before, but this doesn’t seem like a line that he would add himself. For instance, in the episode “Purgatory” in the interrogation room with Mike Stoat (played by actor Dean Winters), he wanted and did add the line: “Well, yeah, that’s the thing, Mike…I’m nothing like you.” You know the scene and Vincent D’Onofrio was able to add that line in response to Mike Stoat saying: “C’mon, Bobby, you’re gonna do this to one of your own?”

"Purgatory." This is pretty much where Goren said that line to Stoat.

Anyway, I like how I start talking about “Depths” and end up going off on some rant about “Purgatory.” So, does anyone know anything about this beach statement? Any thoughts or theories even? I was actually almost content on just accepting that I more than likely would never know when something he said in a more recent interview had me thinking once again. During an interview into him leaving Criminal Intent, he said he was “Happy to be leaving” (which broke my heart right there) but then he said the words: “Hopefully I’ll surf a lot.” Now I’m sorry but I really just cannot picture him surfing. Anyone know if he actually surfs? It was just so out of the blue but there was no indication that he was actually joking. I really couldn’t tell either way. I was hoping he would elaborate, but no! So once again I’m stuck with this question. And I’ve spoken to many people about this who are equally confused with that comment. So I kept thinking about it and maybe by ‘surf’ he meant to surf or browse for new roles to play. It didn’t sound that way, but you never know. By the way, the video I’m referring to is titled: “Vincent D'onofrio Talks About The Law And Order Experience.” It is uploaded on YouTube by gorenisababe. If you haven’t seen this video, I suggest checking it out. It’s a great interview. The comment about surfing is at the end of the video.

And now while you ponder my question, some of my favorite screen captures from the episode:


I really loved this scene. The shirt was yummy on him and there's just something about him in latex with his shirt sleeves rolled up! LOL! And this isn't a bad view, either.

This is just too cute.

Self-explanatory. I mean, really. *Drool*

You will never get me to admit how many times I've stared at this...and kept rewinding this scene just to watch this part. No one take offense to this, but after this scene, the guy driving the boat is now officially gay. LOL. He got one glimpse of Vincent’s ass and there was no going back for him. Lucky, lucky man.

If you’re not completely distracted by the pictures above, you may be thinking by now that I’m insane. I mean, of all the questions I could ask him, I choose to ask him this? Well, it’s not like I’ll ever get to ask him a question anyway. So I'm more or less pretending here because I’m not that fortunate. And I realize, like every single one of you out there, I too have many questions I would like to ask our overwhelming, scrumptious, breathtaking, Vincent. And I know. Some questions would be innocent such as the beach question while others would be, well, not so appropriate. But really, I can’t be the only one that wants to desperately dive into his personal life. You know you wonder about so many different, er, things, just like me. But would I get personal if I had the chance? More than likely, no. I would not because I respect him too much. And, really, it’s none of my business about those fantasy questions I so want to ask him. I've never written an actor a letter, taken a picture of them, or bothered them when I see them on the street (I was even in the same hotel, in the same elevator with one in Hawaii). I just respect their privacy and somewhere a line has to be drawn.

Those damn rolled sleeves again! I swear he does it on purpose because he knows we love those forearms!

So there you have it. Besides that smile to go along with his yummy voice, and those very alluring, muscular forearms, as well as his lips, those beautiful eyes, those fingers and hands, and his large frame that I completely and utterly fell in love with and want to know and explore everything about, I’d keep it professional. There are way better questions to ask him if I could ask him one question, but this would be mine. I mean, really, what should I ask him? Vincent, never ‘Vince” as I’ve read/seen in interviews, will you marry me? I mean, I know you're 27 years and 27 days older than me and you can have anyone in the world, but still, ya know, could you? Ha ha, not quite. Hmm. And, oh my god, I thought about this last night! Remember Mike Stoat reminded us in the beginning of "Purgatory" that Bobby had 27 arrest and 27 convictions while working in narcotics (all heavy-hitters). It's a sign, it's a sign I tell you! 27 and 27!!! Actually, it is pretty coincidental. Do you think Vincent would go for it?! Probably not.

Was anyone else turned on by this or was it just me? *Innocent look* I'm not kidding, I thought he was so sexy throughout this entire episode.

So, Vincent, my one question to you: Do you really hate the beach? I hope not because you must know that you would be the sexiest man on it! And while I may never know the answer to this question, I can always pretend, right? God, I love fantasy land. Because, really, it's so much better than reality.

So, if you could ask Vincent one question, what would it be?


  1. he regularly surfs at a beach in queens. I work nearby and see him there quite happily shirtless/surf geared up/whatever. hes been taking lessons for two years. Pretty sure it's his main love. I remember seeing him there last NOVEMBER in his winter wetsuit while it was freezing out.

    So, Im not vincent, but there you go.

  2. Well he did live in Hawaii and Florida so I'm sure he likes the beach OK. Although I can't see him on a surfboard in Queens but whatever. lol

    What would I ask him? Easy:

  3. OMG! I just had a heart attack picturing these yummy surfing scenes!! However, if I ever recover, I'll tell you ouroborossnyder that I LOVE this post! 'Totally agree with you about Season 7 AND "Depths"! But as far as what one thing I would ask Vincent...I may need to spend about 30-40 years of one-on-one time with him to decide on exactly the right question!

  4. He can surf in me any time. And my question would be: Your place or mine?

  5. My question? Will you agree to passionate sex with an older woman? Repeatedly and often?

  6. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Surfing isn't something new to him, he lived in Australia for a while too, and went back there with Leila a few years ago. I remember lots of reports of 'sightings' of him enjoying himself at the beach, there's an idea! ;0)

    What I'd like to ask him is for his cute little ears only....

  7. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Boxers or Briefs? opps we already know the answer to that one. The python swings free!

  8. I keep trying to read this and get lost in the fabulous pix!
    What would I ask Bobby Goren? Well, it's more like what I'd tell him

    'I'm a mauigirl, I can show you a thing or two that will make you LOVE the beach.'

  9. You should check out "Riptides" by "likeit" on It's a short scene set in Bobby's childhood that is about that line.

    My question would be "cut or uncut?"

  10. Great post!
    I LOVE Heather's question, brilliant!

    You don't mind that I plan on filming this and sharing it with all my friends do you?

    tee hee actually it would probably be ... How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

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  12. Jorgen - Really? No way!!! That is so cool. I want to see some pictures of this.

    Does anyone know where I can find even one pic of him surfing? There has to be some out there somewhere...

    JoJo - For some reason I was thinking he's only lived in NY. But now that I think about it, I do recall reading about him living somewhere else... But yeah, if he's lived there, I'm sure he loves the beach. And your everyone wants to ask. *sighs*

    Ruby - Lmao, I know, right? Just imagining him out there surfing and me watching on the beach... Well, for a bit. But then I'd had to be a participate, too. *winks* But thanks. Glad you enjoy reading my random musings. =) And wasn't there just something about "Depths" that just made you groan? God, I know there was for me!

    jazzy - Ha! Direct. I'm sure he'll appreciate that.

    val - Only if he agrees to passionate sex with a younger women, too! (of course at different times). LOL I want him to myself, too, ya know. =)


  13. Diane - Apparently I feel so naive after posting this blog. *holds head down in shame* Didn't know he was in to surfing. It's...pleasantly surprising. Do you know of any pics of these supposed 'sightings?' I wanna see him surf sooooo bad. Pretty sure he's not coming to Seattle to do so *Snorts* LOL. And that whole body surfing comment of yours made me moan. =X Whoops!

    Beverly - Ya know, I noticed a while ago he lives to go commando... Someone I know went to see his show at Joe's Pub and she said she could not see an underwear line no matter how hard she looked. LOL Do we have any clear pics or views of this when he was in LOCI? Because, ya know, as much as I love to crotch watch, I can't really recall whether he wore anything or not. *groans loudly*

    mauigirl - Man! Now my mind is all in the gutter again! Just when I was trying to 'get clean.' LOL! But could you imagine actually having him on the beach alone. Lord! *fans self*

    Heather - I actually recall the story you're speaking of, but now I'm going to have to go read it again! So sad! I'm depressed now. I went from being horny and hot for VDO to depressed within a minute! LOL =X And that has got to be one of the best questions!!!

    jenz1011 - Thanks. =) And that is a brilliant question from Heather. And LOL. I love the filming question! But I don't think he's the type of man that could describe himself in one sentence. I think maybe he could give you one vague word, but I'd be curious as to what he said. =)


  14. Great post, Snyder! Yes, I think that Vincent, unlike Bobby, likes the beach. I would love to see him romping around in some swim trunks! Loved your "numerology" analysis of "27!" How cool is that?! New mission: find pics of Vincent, shirtless on the beach!!!

  15. He looked quite comfortable... on the beach AND in the water in Desire /aka / Salt on our Skin. That is one of MY favorite beach secens with him!
    And as for the 1 question to I have to narrow it down to one?

  16. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Don't feel bad Synder, it's just some of us have been around 'VDO World' longer than others. Meanwhile, you have all these exciting 'discoveries still to make :0)

    No 'surfing' pix I've ever found of him surfing, but for some reason I do remember vividly someone in Oz commenting that they'd seen him at the beach, getting changed behind a car door into or out of swimwear.... Now I'd KILL for a picture of that!!!!

  17. jazzy - we are of like minds - read the post and first thought in my head was the same --- your place or mine

    then i read val's comment - val of course he will - and anyway he's not that much younger than you - there's 13 years difference between me and my long distance toy boy (he's younger than vincent) sadly though he isn't vincent ::lol::

  18. Great post, Snyder. Thanks for the pix!
    I thought the same thing when i watched this episode. Who hates the beach? Vincent or Bobby? I'm really happy "to see" i'm not alone! Sometimes i think i'm crazy! lol

    My question : can i suck your c*ck, please?

  19. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Snyder, I've heard the same thing of GGG at Joe's.

    I don't have any real clear evidence of Bobby going commando, but Val might.

  20. Beverly, it was Vincent himself who said he goes commando

  21. Anonymous7:20 PM

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  22. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Yes of course Jazzy, I did read that was his own revelation. Thanks for the link. Where the hell have I been?

  23. Perhaps somewhere in VDO-Lalaland, dear Beverly. Is there any better place to be?

    Ann, like you I had a long distance toy boy some years ago. Too bad he didn't keep the distance.

  24. Twice I've read this post and forgotten to comment..3rd time lucky :-)

    This was an excellent post, but I can't think of anything I'd ask him beyond if he knew my name cos I couldn't think of it...pathetic

  25. SnarkAngel - Thanks so much! And if you made that your new mission to find pics of him on the beach, I would love you forever!!! And I know, right? The 27 thing was just perfect! I was literally smiling from ear to ear when I was writing that part.

    Kimberly - Sadly I haven't watched too many movies with him in it (have them, just don't watch them). Don't ask me why. But I really do need to check them out. =) And I don't blame is kind of impossible to narrow it down to one...

    Diane - Thanks. And I know, I 'arrived' late. Humph! But some of the things I read on here, especially all of the comments I read, well, they just make my eyes pop out of my head. *mumbles* Amongst other things. =) I love it! And that comment about him changing behind a car door kept me up ALL night last night! I even mentioned it to Jazzy on Facebook! LOL *Groans* Oh, to see that!

    ann - I'm just laughing about your last sentence. Man, every guy I date... I compare him to VDO, too. And I'm like, hmm, sad. Not even close. LOL!

    potzina - Hey! *waves* Thanks so much! I'm so glad someone else was wondering the same thing! Because I think the weirdest things sometimes. Like you said, glad to see I'm not alone! As far as your question, well, sorry. I already asked him that last night. Mwuahahaha.

    Beverly - Ha Ha. We may have spoken to the same person about it. =)

    Jazzy - Oh. My. God! You're so right! Okay, so I won't admit how long I drooled at this pics in the link you gave us to the other blog. Holy shit, commando indeed! So he's actually admitted this? Smug bastard! =X Not really, actually he doesn't seem like that at all IMO. At least not at first glance or, er, thought.

    Eliza - So glad you remembered! And it was only twice you forgot! I mean, duh! I can't blame you. Sometimes I get so caught up in staring at his pics that I completely forget to even breathe! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. =) And I don't think I'd actually tell him my name is 'Snyder' only because I don't want him calling me by my last name. Wait, scratch that...he can call me anything he wants!


  26. He likes the Beatles, so I'd go with: "Why don't we do it in the road?" And for those of you who know the song sequence on that record, the correct answer is, "I Will."

    Also, forearms = body part that is seriously underestimated in its sexiness.

    Loved this post, by the way.