The Fly exits LOCI!

Jeff Goldblum has decided to exit USA's "Law and Order: Criminal Intent."
By Michael Schneider

Goldblum's reps told Variety on Tuesday that the thesp has made up his mind to depart, and say it's not a negotiating tactic. There's always the possibility that Goldblum can reverse course, but for now the actor said that his decision is final. Goldblum's decision to leave comes after two years on the USA drama. Goldblum's option with the show and Wolf Films had expired, and his reps said the actor chose to exit "due to the uncertainty" surrounding the show's future. Parting is said to be amicable – Goldblum enjoyed his time with USA and Dick Wolf's Wolf Films, but ultimately decided to move on.
The ninth season of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" aired its finale July 6 on USA; the cabler has not yet determined whether it will give a tenth season to the show – which suffered audience erosion this last cycle. Goldblum's exit – not yet confirmed by USA or Wolf – reps the latest casting change on the show, which underwent a major shift this year.
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Well done, Edgar! Thank you!


  1. I was laughing so hard when I heard about this earlier today. Well, duh! The show sucks now. Not surprised he's leaving. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they should have ended the show with Goren and Eames exiting; not tried to poorly continue it. And they should just leave well enough alone and try not to make things worse IMHO.


  2. I know, I engaged in a great deal of immature IN YOUR FACE and NEENER NEENERs when I heard the news earlier. Buh-bye Fly!

    Na na na na, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!

  3. I was just as happily immature as you, Jojo ... "told ya so! Told ya so! Told ya so! Ratings dive! Buh-bye fly! Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!" *Blows raspberry!*

  4. Do you know what makes me happy most about these news?!
    It really shows the power that fans have!
    We made this LO spin-off rise (and by that the actors in it) but if you try to mess with us-we gonna destroy you no matter what you do to keep us!

  5. Anonymous6:35 PM

    *Splat!* And if they DO have the brass balls to ask Vincent back, I'm sure the second word he says to them will be 'Off!'

  6. JG did the right thing. VDO & KE stayed around so long because of a thing called loyalty, and I'm not talking about the episode of the same name. They both could have left a lot sooner than they did, rather than put up with all the BS by the network.

  7. Oh how sad. I can't stop crying.

    Laughter will do that to you.

  8. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say in the trade.

  9. Rats desert the sinking ship, as they say here were I live.

  10. Did anyone watch it after our beloved left anyway?! Who gives a crap Goldblum? Seriously, it was poor taste for them to continue without Erbe and D'Onofrio anyway they WERE the show, the other L&O franchises may have interchangeable actors but LOCI was D'Onofrio ALL THE WAY!