Dear SnarkAngel! We're sooo sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.
Just to make sure, you get rid of the cold as soon as possible, I phoned Dr. Roger Stern's office.

He said he'd gladly make a house call. In fact, he CAN'T WAIT to tend to you at home to see if
"something needs to be treated" by his experienced hands.
So, my dear Snark, crawl in your bed because Doc Stern is on his way to you!

May the skill of Dr. Stern, the healing thoughts from your V-friends,
this little post and your own personal strength all work together as an unbeatable team to get you well again! XO


  1. Oh I bet Snark won't wanna get any better soon since this is the way to experience these gifted hands

  2. Feel better soon, Snark! And give our "regards" to Dr. Stern!

  3. Take care of yourself and feel better soon, Snark! Jazz has always the good medicine :D

  4. Get well soon, Snarkie, and when you've finished with Dr Stern, please could you send him my way...

  5. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Feel better soon dear Snark!

  6. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Snark, I heard that Dr. Stern's "bedside manner" is incomparable.

    Get Well Soon!

  7. Take care of yourself and feel better soon, Snark.

    Achoo, achoo, cough cough cough.

    Uh-ohh, think I might need Dr Stern to visit me in bed, too.

  8. Dear Snark feel better real soon. I'd tuck you in and make you some chicken soup but I'm sure you would prefer Dr. Vincent's care over mine.

  9. Thank you ALL for your wonderful well wishes and support. And as much as I would LIKE to give healing credit to dear Dr. Stern, my hope is that the prescription for azithromycin does what it is supposed to do ... quickly!

  10. Yeah, I'm with Val. I suddenly don't feel well either. Can he come my way after? =) Great post, Jazzy. Love, love, love the pictures! *groans*

    Snark, I hope you feel well soon!


  11. Such a dedicated Dr to make house calls like that, I will change to this Dr immediately!

  12. Afraid I need to see a doc too myself, since I made this post I cannot get that tune of the same name out of my ears anymore.