And now for something completely different! (okay, not really)

George Gerkie gives a rare sit-down interview.

video uploaded by 1019rxp


  1. oh my - thanks for that jazzy - fantastic

    george, bless his little cotton socks, is an absolute joy - he should bring his show across the pond

    i'd like to ask him why
    he's never taken an english rose for a wife
    that just ain't right
    i'd happily be his wife
    even if it's only a nite
    ... and if he wants a daughter
    he can 'ave mine ;>)

    (but don't tell her)

  2. I still think this is brilliantly funny...that man has a sense of humour as weird as mine :-D

  3. I just watched this video on another website and I watched it again and again and again here. I so totally love this character of his. Actually it's the first time I saw HIM so close,because the vids from the shows are not that close up made like this.
    If you haven't recognize this yet:focus on his eyes underneath this wig.It seems like he's totally George!You acutally can see him think what george thinks!
    He's so brilliant.And the wig looks not that fake as it did in all those concert videos!
    Thanks Jazzy

  4. Pippi! Pippi!

    Just great lol

  5. Oh Ann, you really love these socks, don't you :)
    GuidingLigth, I did noticed it too - guessing it's a new wig.
    I just wonder if he smokes funny things from time to time. No, really. His sense of humor is to much. Love it!

    Pippi forever!

  6. He's fantastic! Pippi! Pippi! It's my new word! Thank you very much, Jazz. I have to watch it again, it's too good!

  7. Say ho ho he ha ha
    it's GGG
    there's no one like his
    happy as can be
    diddle diddle
    George tells you stories
    you just wait and see
    tra la la la
    he's quite a guy
    tra la la la
    George's world is fun
    he makes Vixens happy
    tra la la la
    he is such an imp
    tra la la la
    you'll love him too.

    (Couln't resist)

  8. Fantastic. He's an absolute hoot!

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  10. Sorry, an accidental double from me (bloody thing wouldn't post and I got fed up with that circle goiung round and round!)

  11. Thanks jazz for posting, he is brilliant! Always makes me smile!

  12. Lmfao! The end... "Pippi, Pippi." Ha Ha. This is a great vid. Thanks for posting Jazzy. I needed that after today.