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I have a problem.....

Even with three new films in the works Chlorine (2010 post-production) and Down and Dirty Pictures (BEST TITLE EVER!) and High MIdnight (2011 pre-production) I have hope but the fact remains.

I miss my weakly fix of new D'Onofrio. Yes he is back to doing what he loves making films but... I miss him. I miss seeing him every week. Getting that thrill of not knowing every word of dialog about to come out of those sexy lips. I miss that taste of something new every week. I am jonesing big time.

I was lamenting this during a USA marathon of LOCI with my best buddy Michelle. (A D'Onofrio convert. He is my religion and i joyfully spread the word!) She turned to me and posed a question and boy what a question it was. One that i was able to ponder and found myself thinking of on and off for days after. IT's an earwork that has found a playground in my head and now I am going to share it with you.

If you could spend on gloriously hot sweaty and naked weekend with any of his characters who would it be and why?

Take a minute and breathe that in... If you are a casual D'Onofriophile you go for the obvious choices and make your snap decision. VOG Valentino, maybe Naked's Cholo, or Salt's Gavin or of course GOREN.

Now all of these are very sexy and enticing choices but the fact remains. I am a SERIOUS D'Onofrio Addict! I have a fondness for dozens of characters he's played. I have an emotional investment in him and his roles. (Yes this is truly delusional thinking but I can assure you that I know for a fact that there are a few people who understand my obsession!) So who do I chose?

The mind reels with the choices. Dying Young's sweet and kind Gordon. The adorable Dominic from Mr. Wonderful. The tortured brilliance and passion of WWW Robert E Howard. The funny and sardonic Ollie Olezniak from Good Luck! The nerdy and sexy Whitney from Thirteenth Floor. GUY, need i say more about that one?! I was even turned on by MIke Cobb, the flawed father in Thumbsucker, same goes for Vinny Manadoro in Narrows or even Dennis Grobowski in The Break Up.

I went round and round and narrowed it down to 4 candidates:

#1 Frank from Chelsea Walls

U had an instant soft spot for Frank. He is sexy as hell as the passionate painter/artist. His desire and devotion for a woman who just couldn't return his affection did it for me. I wanted to take him into my arms and comfort him and tell him it was okay, I wold be devoted to him and to forget all about mean Uma Thurman. He's always been my little secret sexy role amongst the obvious ones.

#2 Elton from Claire Dolan

Not only does the man look sexier than ever and have the stamina to back it up. This role showcases everything that I find sexy about the man. FYI if you can hear this man drop the f bomb and not want to slam him then you are numb from the waist down!

#3 Dock Newton of The Newton Boys

OUTLAW! Is there anything sexier than a bad boy with a heart of gold?! A load of fun, dedicated to his family, out for making a buck, a regular rollercoaster of a ride!

Last and probably the obvious...

#4 Robert Goren from LOCI

Well for obvious reasons this one is a NO BRAINER! The brilliant damaged and tormented genus of Detective Robert Goren was a powerhouse of a role. Desperately needing unconditional love and never receiving it. Who wouldn't want a non stop sex marathon with this man?! He's a hell of a lover and could always entertain you between rounds with trivia and fun facts about everything.

So who do i chose well it was a tough one but I think i finally figured it out! And the WINNER is....

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Now is your turn. Who would you chose and why? I can't wait to hear which role took you by the throat or actually lower and didn't let go! Have fun thinking about it, I know I did.


  1. I want three of them, actually.
    Elton, Tony Randozza and Ashton.
    Why? Simple - it would be heaven!

    Great post Jenz, looking forward to many more.

  2. Well, not an easy decision to make.
    I would choose the sexiest detective on this whole planet. It may be pretty obvious since it's his most popular character, but still, he's one hell of a sexgod.
    And I'd choose Sam from Happy Accidents. So sweet and sexy

  3. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Oh God, this was a hard one. I have to pick two totally different characters. One being Bobby.
    Who doesn't notice him when he walks into the room? His passion, his determination, his anger,his intelligence. And damn he looks good weather he's in a suit, or grungy old shirt. Hot, Hot, Hot.
    Second would be Guy. Guy was the original reality T.V. Here he exposes everything about his life, just to lose it all. I felt sorry for him. Wished it was me he was fucking.
    It's Guy I think of during roleplay.
    But Bobby hears a ear full too.
    Not fair to make me choose. I'll start the night by watching Bobby and end it by watching Guy. Ohhhh, is it getting hot in here? mmmmm......gotta go......where my pocket rocket?

  4. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Oh damn, I forgot about Elton. He and I have the same favorite number. 69

  5. The name that comes to mind without a moment's hesitation is Sam Deed. And partly because sweet sexy genuine Sam would be most likely, after the HOT sweaty weekend is over, to call me again. Not sure if he's as good in the sack as Gavin or Cholo, but I believe there's the possibility of a lasting relationship with him. Plus, I'm thinking he did a lot of research on how to sexually please a woman before he back traveled. So I would take that ONE weekend with him.

  6. This is very, very, very tough. But I believe my first choice would be Tony Randozza ... hot, chunky, and he's a true hero for me. I think my second choice might be Mr. Blue (Pelham). Third would be The Naked Stranger (Hotel Paradise). Fourth would be Elton, fifth would be Gavin, and sixth would probably be Burton Steckler (bad, BAD cop!). I could go on and on torturing myself, but it would be silly since I love them ALL (even Carl Stargher and Pooh Bear! LOL).

  7. I'd be tempted with Ole (post accident) and with Bobby but I, too, would have to, without a doubt, choose the adoring and adorable Sam Deed (hence my screen name). He is sweet, sexy, giving, funny, worldly, "other-worldly," and he, like I, can't hold his liquor. He is, for me, perfection!

  8. P.S. Welcome aboard, Jenz!!!

  9. Great to have you with us Jenz! BTW, this was a fab post!

  10. All brilliant choices, Dang forgot about sweet Sam, oh i ADORE that role, and hell Tony is hot stuff too! Let's face it there is NO wrong answer here! Thanks for the warm welcome glad to be here!

  11. I want all of them! What a night that would've been. Frank from Chelsea Walls could've have used me as a canvas. Mr. Blue looks like he knows how to handle big guns, and that's always an advantage. Sam Deed seem like a considerate lover. Then there's Bobby whose flexibility could be put to good use. And there's just something so adorable with Bill's religious principles. Abbie Hoffman looks like he could be fun in bed, and when Orson Welles lies in bed I just want to mount him. But above all these I'd choose Mr. Lange just because I love him.

  12. Anonymous11:40 AM

    First one that sprang to what's left of my mind (thank you Vincent) was Valentino. From the very first time I watched 'VOG', I just fell hook,line and sinker for him. Apart from the fact he looked hotter than a hot thing that's VERY hot, I just loved his humanity,and he had such a beautiful soul.....

    Then again, I think it would be only fair to sample ALL the characters to be able to make a 'fair judgment'

  13. Wooooooohooo, is it just me lonely soul that goes for Joseph Santangelo?I can't leave him out (c'mon think of his thumb!!!)
    Okay so here's my hitlist:
    1-Bobby Goren, he still makes me wanna heal his wounded soul with lots of loving
    2-Joseph Santangelo and his glorious thumb
    3-Ole (blind people have very talented hands
    4-Dock Newton, just because he's an outlaw attracts me more than what is good for me
    5-Gavin,because he looks the hottest and sweetest,when he's working hard (and he would,spending a weekend with me!)

    But hey I don't wanna be picky or so so I take all of them!

  14. Ooo, I forgot about what a temptation gorgeous Gavin would be! But I'd still choose the scrumptious Sam Deed!

  15. All of them i would take..but if i have to really would be Bobby..sweet wonderful smart Bobby!!;)))-

  16. For me there's only one...Bobby!

  17. Bobby is top of my list, but I do love Olee, and maybe Guy. I wouldn't send any of them away though.

  18. I've always enjoyed a good smorgasbord - so I would like to sample all of them for a long weekend, with the exception of Carl. I don't think I'd survive the experience!

    But of all of them I would choose "the stranger". Any man who would swallow the key to his handcuffs to be with me is a keeper. Besides I love his wardrobe, LOL. To say nothing of his lovely feet and all the rest of him. He's a man who knows what he wants and goes after it with unbridled passion. Move over sweetie so I can join you in the hot tub.

    P.S. Welcome back Jenz - great post.

  19. You do know this is an almost impossible question to answer?

    Having thought about it I'd have to go for (in no particular order)

    Whitney,because he looks like he needs educating explanation needed
    Bobby..because he will always be my first love
    Carl(in his horned incarnation)because there is something about him that appeals to me, even if it's something I keep well hidden

    Think thats about it for now :-)