SEX CLUB Reworked

Eames: 'No dice.'
Goren: 'Awwww, c'mon. Ya liked it when I tied ya naked to the bedpost
last time!'

'Hmmm, wonder if she'll let me tie her up?'
Eames: 'Hmmm, nice ass.'

'It says here that Eames likes when silk is used as opposed to rope.'

'Ha Ha. Where do ya see

'Right. There. Girly-o.'

'Is it OK if I take a little break, and, uhh, interrofuckgate one of the Honey's?'

'You got to have your fun with those chicks. Why can't I take a few minutes to shop for a purse. Goddamnit!'

Eames: 'I hope you enjoy it!'

Goren: 'Jeez, when she said she was gonna give me head, with others watching, I was thinking something completely different'

Goren: 'Hope you liked watching Eames give me a blow job in the backseat. By the way Eames, you can swallow, or spit now.'

'Go ask Johnny Eames where Bobby Goren can put his middle finger.'

Eames: 'Nope, not with Jazzy, Snark, Artist, Diane, Eliza, Val, Tess, Maui, or any other of your little VIXENS.
Goren: 'That's what you think. I'm going to fuck them all and leave them begging for more!'


  1. Sex, sex, sex......yes, yes, YES!

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM


  3. No, no, no, HE'S the one who'll beg for more.
    The line "...I was thinking something completely different" cracks me up. But Eames facial expression when he says "Spit or swallow" is just priceless!

  4. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Well I'd have to be at the end of the line, because I'd ruin him for the rest of ya! Unless of course we are on a rotation. Although we could go two at time, I don't mind sharing.

  5. Rotation, two at time, ten at time... anything is fine with me as long as Bobby is involved. Meanwhile, Eames can go purse-shopping with blonde nice ass chick.

  6. Hahahaha. Beverly are soooooooo hilarious. Like I would share Bobby/Vincent. I don't take/share sloppy seconds. Marvelous post Mauigirl! Cheers!!

    P. S. You are sooooooooooo right Jazzy. HE would be the one BEGGING!!

  7. Count me IN!! :-D

  8. When I will take him,he won't return to any other vixen..the hunk will need i-v in his hand put in and plenty of fluids tio consume..he will be MINE*evil laught..evil grin..gigle*!!;)))-

  9. This is me begging, please take me NOW!

  10. Anonymous1:07 AM

    BBG, what did it say on your report card? "Does not play well with others!" hahaha

  11. Hey Bev, whadaya got, a crystal ball or something. Hahahaha. I guess it comes from being the baby of the bunch. Cheers!!

  12. I'm BEGGING, Bobby! Can you hear me!?!?!? Marvelous post, Mauigirl!

  13. I'm speechless. If only!