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(thank you ever so much!)

"When you have young children and you have searched - fruitlessly - high and low for your headphones, you get used to watching VDO films without the sound on. He's a grown up man making grown up films for grown ups, after all. If Vincent ever made a Disney kiddie movie I might have to re-consider the entire nature of how the Universe is constructed, after all; but in the mean time I may as well just sit and look at him without the sound on.

So. Here is a post about Vincent's latest Oscar-nominated film, "The New Tenant" which, I am happy to tell you, contains absolutely no spoilers whatsoever.

The New Tenants is a poignant romantic comedy about three generations of Italian-Irish growing up in Nova Scotia, making a living from fishing crab and painting traditional Easter eggs every Spring tide.
The film revolves around the central character of Franco Gan O'Broin, played by Irish-Italian heart-throb superstar Vinnie O'Donofrio.
He learns of the impending demise of the local tuna-canning factory, and is devastated. The pain he feels is visceral and real. The viewer is drawn inexorably into his agony, his fears, his impending reliance on Welfare.

But then he begins to see the funny side of the whole situation. He begins to dream. He sees how he can perhaps provide a great service to the local community, repairing radios and vacuum cleaners. Or acting as a tourist guide, taking wealthy New Yorkers around the local area in his boat.
But then he falls once again into a funk. It looks like his entire family existence will implode - leaving him incapable of even making a simple cup of coffee ferfuckssake.
Somehow, perhaps borne up by the combined strengths of his Irish and Italian blood, Franco manages to get his shit together. He walks out into the rest of his life, which is about twelve seconds. But he doesn't know that at the time.

A gentle, heartwarming film, filled with subtle nuance and pathos.

L xx

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  1. Excellent! Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing! :o)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome flick, hope it comes out on DVD very soon!

  3. I like your version much better. Now if there was only a love scene.

  4. Oh that suit with that handsome man in it in a love scene...?!What a lovely sexy idea artist!

  5. I think I almost like your version better :-)

    Lovely pictures too...and I am so jealous that you managed to do them LOL

  6. Can I eat him..Vincen tis yummy..and meaty..SLURPP..GROWLLL1!;)))-

  7. Can I cuddle him....PLEASE!

  8. Guidinglight - Wouldn't it be nice to see him in a sexy role. I simply don't understand why he doesn't star in more romantic films. Oh well, our loss.

  9. Great job, Lozzie. I don't know if I'm laughing harder at your very funny and creative version of TNT or the very awful and unintentionally funny Academy Awards (it's really, really awful)!

  10. Congrats to Sam Bisbee, Joachim Back and his crew on winning the Oscar!

    But what the heck happened to the Oscar Shows? I expected to see glamor, esprit and stars (formerly known as entertainment!!!) instead of a cheap presentation. Not worth getting up late at night. And now excuse me I need to catch up on my beauty sleep.

  11. They won,they won,they won.Congratulations to all people involved!You've certainly did a great job!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I didn't watch but I know the 'minor' Oscar presentations usually get lumped together at the end, so I'm guessing that's what happened. However, the GREAT news is they won :0) Vincent must be SO proud, but probably more for the rest of the cast and crew than himself.


    I am CRYING!

    Vincent was in the clip that was shown at the ceremony, I think, and now folks are saying that HE IS THE REASON it won!

    Well - DUH!


    does the Snoopy Happy Dance

  14. Geez, you scream so loudly that I can't sleep ;P
    An Oscar opens many doors for Vincent as an actor, producer and director. Plus, he will be no longer underrated. I'm really pleased for him and for all winners!

  15. YES!!! They won - that's just made my day!