Inspired by Jazzy's Sunday post, I started to think about the education we acquire through life's experiences. Things that we really can't learn through a 'formal education.' After all whose first time was anything like what they expected it to be or even close to what your mother or father told you.

Please, not in front of mother.

For instance French kissing - who knew? I certainly didn't, not until some guy's tongue was half way down my throat and I'm thinking WTF. Let's just say - he was no VDO! However, thankfully I did meet men who were quite adapt at this pleasurable nuance. BTW - I have found that (other than Vincent obviously) the Canadians and the French do this the best.

Or how about those impromptu pleasures. You're at a bar, you meet someone, you hit it off and the next thing you know you're at his place, in his bed and you're not telling each other sweet little bedtime stories. Inevitably, the moment arrives when you think Holy Shit; how do I get out of here. It always seems that his arm is draped over your waist and you're pinned to the mattress. You can't escape without waking him. Of course, if it was Vincent who would ever want to leave. But regrettably it's NOT!


And what if you do or don't hit it off? There's the uncomfortable phone call and you have to politely blow him off (get your minds out of the gutter Vixens) or you really like him and unfortunately there is no phone call. Life; sometimes it really sucks!


Okay, you're not in love with him yet but you have had several dates, you're becoming comfortable with him and you're thinking this could lead to a real relationship. Then you see him at a restaurant with another woman. You have that twisted feeling in your stomach and you have to decide to either play it coy and wait for him to explain him self or walk right up to them and get an explanation in front the 'possible' date. Remember they may be colleagues and it could be an innocent working dinner. Yeah, right!

Let's face it no one prepares you for unrequited love. How many of us have been there? The unbearable longing, the nights sitting by the phone waiting for him to call, the secret glances, staring at him hoping he doesn't catch you, the thrill you feel when he smiles at you. Worse case scenario, if taken to the extreme, one could become a stalker. Ain't love grand?

In life we are not guaranteed a "Happily Ever After", my wish for all the Vixens is your own "Happily Ever After". For me, I was lucky I got my Happily Ever After".

Although, I wouldn't mind having another crack at it with Vincent.


  1. If only I could meet a man "like" Vincent ... yes, I could finally settle down. But in the meantime, I have my VDO-worship and my Vixen sisters to share it with ... thank goodness!

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    What a beautiful post Artist. As the Lady Axe so eloquently said once upon a time, if we can fall in love across a crowded room, what's wrong with falling in love through a TV or movie screen??! ;0)

  3. Beautiful post, Artist. Thanks for the good wish, I'm blessed to be with a wonderful man. But I also would like a chance with V. If only....

  4. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Me too, married my high school sweetheart and still in love. I wonder though what would it be like with Vincent? Fantastic no doubt... just once. As far as my first time, I cried, poor guy. And the french kissing thing, yeah go Canada!!! Except of course the first guy that french kissed me had no idea what he was doing, neither did i, but lets just say I needed much Chapstick after that night. And the break up thing... Well I actually didn't find out until many years later that he broke up with me because he thought I was too fast. The nerve. Besides he was 20, the older more experienced, and I was sweet 16.
    Loved your post Artist, it sure brought back a lot of memories.

  5. Sorry for interrupting your deep and serious discussion but the way he holds the phone drives me crazy!

  6. Sorry to lower the tone, but is it the definition of a French kiss, or the height of passion - a guy with his tongue so far down your throat he can lick the nicotine off his fingers?

    (School Camp 1968.)

  7. So lovely post...If only i could meet Vincent, i might consider getting married! ;o)

  8. Beautiful post Artist!

  9. Never been or felt too much marrige and mom materijal,becauze of my very unussual personality and becauze i have seen how not too many great examples around;and never felt so strongly about a man or to say never found man exactly how i wnated to be..well DUHHH until Vincent!!

  10. I've been with a wonderful man all my adult life (from 17 to now anyway), but I'd still like just one go with Vincent....

    Lovely post Artist..and it made me think, which is always a good thing :-)

  11. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and your comments. Love, it's mystery, one I can't and don't want to solve.

  12. i'd love vincent to teach me everything he knows ;>)