If I'd ever been caught in the act at home, the guy wouldn't have got out alive - that's for sure!
But there were more places to make out at. The boarding school I went to had an outdoor swimming pool
and one night my clique and I were there to go "swimming".
Suddenly the floodlights came on and a teacher was standing at the poolside. We were expelled from school on the very same night.
But swimming lesson was worth the drama ;)

What about you? Have you ever been caught in the act? Please tell, if you want!

At any rate have a hot Sunday!


  1. OH! That picture of him with his pants down around his ankles (Having lovely dirty thoughts)

    Can't say I've ever been 'caught in the act'...I lead a boring life :(

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    My boring life compares well with Tess', though I'd happily get 'caught' making out with Vincent should the opportunity ever present itself...

  3. Thankfully, no. This doesn't mean my life is necessarily boring just very private. I have however, gone skinny dipping a number of times when I was younger. Ahh, the transgressions of our youth - something I look back on with fondness and a sense of humor.

    Like Tess, I love the picture of Vincent with his pants down.

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Well, back in my younger days,(late teens, early 20's) we had a saying here that was code for making out. We live near a large bridge that connects the USA and Canada and the waterfront was a huge make out spot. We would go there to "watch the submarine races", but everybody else was doing the same thing,so we just minded our own business. Also we would go 'crop touring" which usually involved alcohol and would just "park" in some random farmers field. Oh I just remembered one time we did get caught "parking" by the police because we were at a public beach after hours, he just told us to get out. Oh the good ol' days they were kinda exciting.

  5. Ooooh, yes!!!! I have, big time in Vegas doing something quite, uhhh, interesting. I will not post it publicly, but you know my email addy if you need the details. :D

  6. Almost. My mum almost caught me and my boyfriend on the stairs up to my parents' flat.

    I did catch my sister, prissy bitch.

  7. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Wow, never imagined you all to be so shy. You express your love for Vince so openly.

  8. lovevdo69
    I don't think it has to do with shyness. For some people their own sexlife falls within the category privacy. Which is absolutely okay! I dare to say that's way more 'normal' than my own attitudes towards sex.

    "watch the submarine races" hahaha wonderful :)

  9. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I suppose u r right jazzy. I definately would not be so open if there were people i knew who were reading this. I love the freedom of it actually.

  10. Well ... I've never been "caught," but it wasn't for lack of opportunity! And I think the pants/ankles look is a very, very good one for Vincent!

  11. Ashamed to say that I've only been caught once, and that was years ago when my kids were very small and didn't think that a closed door meant they couldn't come in....we learnt to move the bookcase after that.

  12. eliza, my mom doesn't know the meaning of a closed door!

  13. I was told the meaning of closed doors, for which I am VERY grateful. LOL!