PLEASE DO IT AGAIN! (reworked)

The other day I deleted the original post 15 minutes after I published it, because I wasn't sure if I put my idea into correct words; if English isn't your first language you might understand my uncertainty. Apologizes for the inconveniences.


Parmie Tarzo, Carlo, Vinny Manadoro, Roger, and there's also Gerkie. Vincent created a lot characters lately that we fell in love with. Like you, I very much appreciate these handsome guys. But - honestly - it would send me over the moon (plus over the whole solar system) if he gets the leading role in a knee-buckling, pantie-moistening film. Just think about Elton's memorable question and the bed scenes in Claire Dolan!
Now I hope there isn't any kind of ridiculous 'age-limit' for actors when it comes to role offers; I, personally find men of a certain age highly attractive. Especially Vincent. Preferably in the role of a lover. And even more when that lover shows some action!

So, how about a remake of Hotel Paradise? Title could be "The Second Stay", "Mystic Pizza II Italian Delicacy Extra Hot!" Or how about "Guy Reloaded"? Further suggestions anyone? Of course a new X-rated V-film wouldn't be bad either; plot optional, but please, please with many ciggie-worthy and mind-blowing hot scenes! And - just this once - with happy ending.

C'mon, Vincent, please do it again! Even if for no other reason than to send your Vixens over the moon.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Yes Yes YES - he's so overdue a 'Screen-Lay' and I think the last time he kissed, or was kissed on screen was in 'Thumbsucker', which is a crime against Woman(and SnarkAngel)Kind!! The problem is that the movie industry seems to think people are past their sell-by date once they reach puberty, whereas some, like the D'elicious Vincent only get more attractive with age.

  2. I couldn't agree more. It is a sin let the most desirable man on Earth continue to do films that don't allow him to use his natural and devine gifts. He is the sexiest man alive. No one is a better kisser and what he does under the sheets - OMG!! Please do another x-rated film or at least something where there lots of sexy scenes. And no dying! Goodness, enough of that already.

  3. May I propose a new title, "Vincent Fucks On Camera"?

    Storyline? Who needs one!

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Oh come on. there is no expiry date when it comes to fucking. If Richard Gere can do it anybody can.Im with u girls 50 and hot as hell.Go Vincent! Go!

  5. I think Val nailed it....

    I will never understand why younger men are the only ones to get any action in films..the stupid film-makers forget that those of us with spending power tend to like them older and experienced

  6. First, i understand so much your uncertainty... :o) If only i could speak english as well as you...
    Secondly, i agree with you. Vincent is very fuckable XD
    We all want to fuck with him!

  7. Oh my dear Jazz girl,you mentioned Parmi (my new fave character of Vince) and my mind went somewhere else but your post. So I had to read it twice to actually get to the point of it!

    And well, ladies let's face it:
    This man is not only a damn good actor, he's also (and I know he probably won't see himself like this (hell knows why!))a hot and sexy love machine.At least that's what I can see from these movies...
    *off to release some tension*

  8. *****gasping for air and sweating*****

    No one kisses like him and does a love scene with such......oops! Off again to take care of some "business"....LOL

  9. 'Please Do It Again,' is what I'd be screaming if I was lucky enough to have sex with him :)

  10. It really would be interesting to see him "revisit" an old character. Perhaps Gavin didn't really die? Faked his own death? To escape a loveless marriage and the Skanky one. LOL. And it would ALWAYS be nice to revisit Elton. Would be nice to see what he's up to now. Same with Guy. What if he turns up, years later, thinking he's escaped his stalker ... only to find she's STILL obsessed with him!

  11. Snark and Val, if you don't mind I would like to pick up your idea:

    Elton meets Gavin (who is finally free now, that he faked his own death). They go to Snark's bar, and over a drink or two they decide to visit all Vixens. So it happens. Val is there too with her camera, taping the 'blissful encounter'. Some days later (after Elton and Gavin recovered) we sell that tape at ebay and make a fortune!

  12. I think you need to add Guy to the mix as well :-D I mean, just LOOK at those arms.

  13. I don't know why I'm so late to this party, but you've all said everything I could ever think.

    So, to re-cap:

    We wanna see V fucking. On-screen, and at home with us.
    Wonderful post jazzy!

  14. I agree with Diane and Artist. If you are over 25 the film industry is not interested in you and does type cast. And, oh, why does he pick scripts where he dies - although "spoiler alert" Parmie's was a funny scene! (the yellow socks) I'd love to do a remake of Mystic Pizza with him...I'll be Jo and oh, BILL! He can call me nympho anytime!

  15. drl59, if Bill was our lover we actually became nympho ;)