Give the man his badge! Let's face it he did all the heavy lifting, carried the biggest gun, had the most interesting facial expressions and gestures, and no one out shined him when came to the interrogation room. The least you can do, and you have done the very least (USA Network), is let Vincent have a memento of his brilliant eight year career on L&O:CI.

I could watch those interview videos all day long. He is so charming and lovable when he talks about wanting to keep his badge as a souvenir.
"I'll probably take my badge. I don't think they'll let me have it. But I might steal it."
OMG that mischievous smile is so beguiling!

"I don't know, I think it's against the law to take a badge? But I think I might take my badge. If they ask for it back I'll give it to them."
Listen darling, I'll steal it for you, no sense you going to jail for a badge. Really, can you imagine anyone denying Vincent his badge?

If they don't let him have his badge, it's just one more insult from the USA Network. Don't worry Vincent if you do steal it the Vixens will come to your rescue. You certainly deserve your badge and so much more. Jazzy's baking a file and a lock pick inside a cake as we speak. Heavens, this could be the making of another Mission Impossible movie. Now there's a film I'd love to see Vincent in with lots of love scenes, please. Even Vincent is smiling at the thought.

This post will self distruct after viewing. Okay not really.


  1. I HOPE he got to keep his badge! But I wouldn't be surprised if USA (and dick) kept it from him...

  2. It's not a lot to ask, is it?

    Oh, and as for Mission Impossible - the most impossible part was trying to imagine that squit weirdo Tom Cruise as an action hero. Now Big Vincent, that would need NO stretch of anybody's imagination.

  3. A few things: (1) I love Vincent but not enough to do time for - in fact, he'd do time for moi; (2) I would pray to the gods to be one of the sultry vixens with whom he'd have an adoring, passionate, fiery, romantic tryst; (3) My mind cannot phantom those assholes refusing Vincent "the badge"; (4) I agree wholeheartedly with Val that Vincent is a much more believeable SUPERHERO than creepy, bizzare Tom. Cheers Artist!!

  4. I wonder if he got his badge, I mean, the shoot has been over and done with for months.
    Brilliant post Artist!
    BTW, let's not go into mentioning TC, I feel as though the world in general is in some kind of brain fog that he gets sooo much attention, for what, his great acting ability and good looks?

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds Tom Cruise unappealing. Really what do people see in him?

    Now on the other hand Vincent is a undeniably hot & sexy.

  6. Anonymous6:32 PM

    A certain Elvis Presley collected Police badges. I can assure Vincent therefore that it's probably NOT 'illegal'. I hope he got to keep his badge, now all I need to worry about is his notebook, his desk , that hideous yellow chair that was graced by his bum.....

  7. Anonymous6:33 PM

    ps: I've NEVER understood Tiny Tom Cruise's alleged 'appeal'!

  8. GIVE THAT MAN THE BAG..NOW!!So Vincent can "aresst" mefor beeing a very naughty girl,and haveing such filthy and inpure thought about him..ahem..cough..cough..and the handcuffs..plase!!;)))-

  9. Can I imagine anyone denying Vincent his badge?! PLEEEEASE! I can't imagine anyone denying him ANYTHING he wants! LOL

  10. there is no justice if they didn't let him keep it..and his binder..I can't bear the thought that they'll be locked away in some property office :-(

  11. Oh for heaven's sake...give the man the badge! He has surely earned it!!