My TV guide never seems to get the episode descriptions correct. So in this task, you will come up with the episode description, however you see fit.
The idea came from Eliza's post on The Gift and the replies to it.

Vixen TV Guide: THE GIFT
Det. Goren gifts his huge talent to all the willing participants of Major Case. Much to the Captain's annoyance.
Unable to figure out why she never gets any, Eames heads back to the gym to pump even more iron.

Your Turn!
(No need to include episode title).



  1. Eames to Bobby: I know you said Tess is really wild in the bedroom, but I just don't see her wearing that...

  2. A female con artist who frequented sex fantasy conventions is found dead and Goren must go undercover as an insatiable sex addict, in a dangerous den of hot and wild vixens and their adventurous sex club, to find out who the killer really is. While nearly exhausting himself during this detailed and seemingly endless "investigation," Bobby discovers a new "muse" in the form of a male counterpart known as "SnarkAngel," who shamelessly uses Goren's physical attributes for his own, selfish pursuits and nearly derails the entire investigation! After being brushed off by the other vixens in the underground sex club, Eames retaliates with one of her sarcastic quips: "This is just like high school, without the zits."

  3. Bobby shows Alex his 'trophy' from the night before....

    not great, but all I could think of :-)

  4. Snark,you crack me up!
    That's a fantastic summing-up!

  5. HAHAHAHAHA!!! All great!
    OMG, SA, "nearly derails the entire investigation" HAHAHAHAHA. Also love the way you fit Eames' snark in perfectly.
    Maybe we should just re-write all the epis to fit our needs.

  6. Anonymous4:02 PM

    There's no WAY I can out-do Snarkangel here :0)

  7. Det. Goren pads his costume you-know-where and all the Vixens faint right away.

  8. What a pity I missed this party!

  9. snarkangel - you crack me up again - you are the champion

    as for a quote, he's likely saying, "shame fatty annie can't get in that anymore" LOL