So I've been contemplating what I am going to do with all my free time now that I will no longer be watching Criminal Intent on Sunday night.
I could join an art class at the local college

Or a photography class

I could go the movies on Sunday

Maybe I'll join a Book Club and meet new people

Or a writing class might be interesting and intellectually stimulating

A cooking class could be fun and yummy

I could take a dance class, I'd love to learn how to Tango and not just on the dance floor

Join a gym and get buff - I'll need it if I take the cooking class

Or a bartending class, but I don't want to step on Snarkangle's toes

Maybe something easier like a wine tasting course, although I may have to find someone to drive me home?

I might learn to play an instrument or take singing lessons

If my blasted "Bedside Astrologer" had been correct I'd have a Latin Lover by now and wouldn't have to worry about how I going to spend my evenings

Of course this whole debacle makes me want to learn to shoot a gun, but I absolutely hate weapons of any kind

So my fellow vixens what will you be doing on Sunday Night?


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    We don't get C.I. on Sundays in the UK, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I'll STILL be watching Bobby and Alex on DVD ;0)

  2. I guess I'm left to watch CI re-runs on Bravo with a box of tissues and a lot of chocolate....:(

  3. I want the Tango lessons!

  4. Tess, don't forget your "B.O.B." and maybe some wine!

    I definitely will be watching reruns of Bobby and Alex. *****sniff*****

    Funny, the longer it takes to show the new episodes of LOCI, the longer I can ignore the fact that it won't be the same.

  5. Right now I feel like sleeping, so I might take Bobby to bed with me.

    Well I woke up with him this morning. Clever Bobby Stone that is, from Wendy's book. Great way to wake up.

  6. It's not Sunday nights that bother me, it's Monday mornings when I haunted the download sites until I found the new episode...guess I'll just have to pay attention to the kids again :-)

  7. Oh God! I actually may have to get a REAL boyfriend! *shudders*

  8. P.S. Jazzy, you can step on my toes anytime! XOXO