Just love this film. And naturally I am happy with Vincent's performance.
Although I would, of course, have liked his role to have been MUCH bigger.

J.D. Lafrance for timburtoncollective:
If Ed Wood is a loving homage to movies, it is all the more fitting that Orson Welles, the patron saint of cinema, is celebrated throughout. From the obvious touches, like the poster of Citizen Kane (1941) that hangs in Wood's office, to the use of deep focus photography (where the fore, middle and background are all in focus) and low angle perspective shots favoured by Welles, his presence is felt everywhere. This culminates in a meeting between the auteur and Wood at Musso and Frank Grill, a famous West Coast eatery. With his stocky build and deep voice, Vincent D'Onofrio bears an uncanny resemblance to Welles. As he and Wood share a drink and commiserate about their struggles to get films made, there is a particularly important exchange:

Wood: Mr. Welles, is it all worth it?
Welles: It is when it works. You know, the one film of mine where I had total control - Kane - the studio hated it. But they didn't get to touch a frame.
Ed, visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else's dreams?

Triumphant music plays in the background as Welles delivers this sage advice and it inspires Wood to go back and finish Plan 9 his way, right of wrong.
For Burton it was important to include this scene even though it never actually happened because Wood often equated himself with Welles.


  1. My God He Is SO Sexy!!

  2. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Still pisses me off they dubbed him (outrageous!), but it was interesting to hear Vincent explaining how they made him look more like Welles than Welles in the Paris interviews.

  3. If Orson looked more like VDO he would have been the SEX GOD of the 50's!

    At least I could look at this post in the library....

  4. And there he is, the modest baby, giving all the credit to the makeup artist, and blaming himself for not doing a good enough job for Tim Burton. How could a perfectionist like him be expected to do the voice to his own satisfaction with only a couple of weeks' preparation?

    But at least it all spurred him on to make 5 Minutes Mr Welles.

  5. I agree with Diane, it pisses me off that they dubbed his voice. I'm sure it was perfect. And he did such a wonderful job with 5 Miutes Mr. Welles. He had me thoroughly convinced.

  6. Just goes to show what a great team player Vincent is. And of course, we all know one area where he needs no "plumpers." LOL

  7. The fact that they dubbed his voice annoys the hell out of me too. It sounds stupid, considering he does so many accents, but he always sounds like him underneath..in Ed Wood it just sounds wrong.

    Onbly good thing to come out of it was that it gave him another reason to make '5 minutes', which is a masterpiece in my opinion :-D

  8. Every time I see him being modest in an interview I would like to jump through the screen and adjust his attitude.

    Careful, fuzzy! The library guard might arrest you as soon as you take a look at Claire Dolan posts.

  9. What is amazing to me, is that you find all this wonderful stash of stuff for us to enjoy!

    I agree Val, he is modest. I bet he would blush at some of the comments we make about him...he's just that kind of man. I think he is unaware how sexually appealing he is to his fans. Sigh! A humble man!