Summer's here and my thoughts turn to the typical things: where to spend my vacation and who to spend it with?

This man seriously needs a VACATION!

Sun, sand, ocean breezes, tropical drinks,

frolicking in the water; sounds lovely, doesn't it?

What could be better? How about being stranded on a deserted island with Vincent? Wouldn't that be paradise! Think of the classic deserted island films "The Blue Lagoon", "The Swiss Family Robinson", "Swept Away", "Six days Seven Nights" and "The Castaways".

Imagine watching the sunset together, how romantic.

Now think carefully, what would you bring? A good book on SEX? Illustrated of course.

A case of Champagne?

What can you not live without? Sexy bikini?

Straw Hat?

A great Hawaiian shirt?

After all you want to keep him entertained and who knows how long you'll be there?

Be creative Vixens.


  1. What would I bring? An endless supply of...Lust, Passion, Desire, a variety of massage oils....

  2. I'd be happy to unfurl Vincent's 'flag' anytime! Happy Fourth!

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    He'd have to be content with me, and then we could improvise ways to spend the time together. I doubt we'd be least, I wouldn't be ;0)

  4. A holographic version of myself from the days when I was shapely but SLIM!

  5. Being that we would be exposing ourselves A LOT to the salt water and sun, I'd HAVE to bring along LOTS of body lotion, so that I could spend evenings lathering it all over every INCH of Vincent's delicious body ... and of course ... enough lotion so that he could return the favor!

  6. High factor sun cream I think..after all, it'd be great to be alone together on a desert island, but there's not much fun to be had if you both have sunburn (added bonus, you get to put it on each other)

  7. desert island, oh lord, that means vince would have oysters for all of his meals. and you know what that means.
    so i'd need to bring gallons of energy drinks!

  8. All great answers. I think I'll take a good book Dante's "Divine Comedy" (a little light reading), lots of massage oils (great idea Tess), sun tan lotion, a diary to log all the unforgettable moments and a sketch pad to immortalize his magnificent body.

  9. On a tropical sunny island with Vincent..alone with him..I would need good food and drinks and cabin,and bring almoust no clothing with me(just sevearl pair of bikinis;)),several big straw hats;and lot's of sun screen..what else I need to brng..OU..YES my horny naughty imaginations for Vincent*wink,wink..evil grin*!!;)))