High time!

Val and Diane are right, we have not enough Vincent on here.
High time to change that!

By the way - do you think we will ever see these wonderful words again?

I think it's HIGH TIME to get some official news.


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I'd like SOME news, whether it's what we want to hear or (god forbid!) not. I think USA have been taking lessons in 'How to Torture LOCI-Lovers' from NBC!!!

  2. As Dionne Warwick sang "I Say a Little Prayer for You"; I'm truly hoping there is a Season Nine. Oh Jazzy I love your slide show; fabulous pictures.

    Diane - love your new picture of Vincent. It's so him.

  3. I wish USA would tell us Something?!

  4. US Vixens, please will you hreaten USA with a boycott unless they commission another season? Or two?

  5. I can't see why USA wouldn't renew CI. It's done very well in the ratings this season. I think it is probably more a matter of hammering out the contract details with Dick Wolf and the stars of the show.

  6. snark, you make too much sense. It's obvious USA/NBC can see the light with their heads so far up their asses!

    With the ratings that LOCI has had and the great ratings for USA, they should get down on their knees and beg Mr. D. and Ms. E to stay for another season.

  7. may i take the "get down on knees" part, please?
    just to beg vincent in a "nice" way.

  8. There better be a season 9! USA keeps messing with the days and times the show is on during the day. Now a new channel is out there - Sleuth and it comes on at 3am. Thank God for tivo...I used to look forward to coming home after work and watching an hour of VDO before dinner. Well, I shouldn't complain, because I do get to watch it, but USA is really playing games! And I don't like it!!!