Charming Boy - You Look So Handsome!

Poem written by Emperor Jianwen (as crown prince Xiao Gang, 526 CE)

Charming Boy - You Look So Handsome!
Our feather curtains are filled with morning fragrance,

Within pearl blinds I hear the distant drips of an evening water clock.

Kingfisher quilts bear the hues of mandarin ducks,
Our curtained bed is inlaid with ivory.

You are as youthful as Zhou Xiaoshi,
Your face is more beautiful than rosy red dawn clouds.

Sleeves made of regal jade brocade,
Tunic of delicate flowery cloth.

When you touch your pants, I lightly blush.

As you tilt your head, two curls fall out of place.

Your coy glances now and then cause me to smile.

Jade-like hands grasp flowers.

Deep in your heart you probably suspect you're not my latest catch,
But your intimate love for me is still like that of the former carriage.

You're enough to make the girls of Yan envious,
And cause even Zheng women to sigh.


  1. Beautiful, thank you Jazzy

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Words and pictures fit wonderfully together. Bravo *applause*

  3. Brilliant post. The poem is beautiful and so are the pictures. Love that first picture!

  4. What a lovely poem! But not HALF as lovely as the man himself! Beautiful job, my dear!

  5. Oh wow! That was perfect :-D

    (Now if you'll excuse me, I got slightly distracted by the title of the previous post, I have to go and see what's that all about...)

  6. Jazzy, you have the heart and soul of a true artist. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! xxxx

  7. Wonderful post Jazzy, beautiful words for a beautiful man :)

  8. Ach du meine leibe!!

    ????? Is that even close? LOL

  9. Oder, mein Gott in Himmel!

  10. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation. For some reason I have a strange urge to shine shoes?

  11. Meine Güte, fuzzy!

  12. SWEET..SO LOVELY!!;)