Two Hypotheses

Goren and Eames say that Marion Whitney's husband was murdered by mixing a pesticide with petroleum jelly than applying the jelly to a medical oxygen regulator. In reality when pure oxygen comes into contact with an oil based product spontaneous combustion occurs. If this hypothesis had been correct the husband would have survived or been killed in the ensuing oxygen fire.
(Source: IMDb)

Now, I've got to admit that I don't know much about chemistry/physics, nonetheless I have my own hypothesis on "Unrequited":

In reality when pure VDO comes into contact with bobby-love based products (among experts called "vixens") spontaneous desire occurs.
The vixens would have made unspeakable things in the ensuring fire of goren-hotness.

Do you have a hypothesis, too? Please tell.


  1. Do you mean spontaneous desire or spontaneous combustion? That's where a person just goes into flames to no legitamate reason. I know if I was ever lucky enough to meet him that would happen shorty after the spontaneous desire.

  2. very smart, vdo'obessed!
    but to go into flames would have a legitimate reason then.

  3. My loins will spontaneously combust...

  4. My hypothesis is that ........ **BOOM**!!! (SnarkAngel just spontaneously combusted upon viewing Cap Number 11).

  5. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Aren't we in already in a state of spontaneous desire for him 24/7 or am I missing something?

    ***Poof*** (looks like Witness was just taken out simply thinking about it!)

  6. If I met Robert Goren I would have a complete melt down from uncontrollable desire.

  7. ~~views 3rd to last pic and last pic...and spontaneous combusts~~

  8. I would just be a fire starter,burn eveything around me!!;)))