Kissing & Licking

There is no doubt that our man is Sex On Legs -- he KNOWS how to make us drool!

But unfortunately non stop drooling might ruin our computer equipments.
Just take a quick look at my keyboard... a mess! And I'm sure yours doesn't look much better.

Nonetheless, please don't do what I did to mine.
Dish washer + hardware = not good!
Trust me.

So it's about time that someone put droolproof keyboards on the market. Don't you agree?

Because watching him kissing...

and licking...
(oh Lord, the thought alone!!!)

... causes always serious drool attacks.

But let's go more graphic....

*licks the screen*
By the way, machine-washable screens would not be bad either.
Do you see the urgent need of vixen-friendly droolproof equipments?

My personal drool level at this point = beyond scaling

My keyboard = bleh!

What about your level, Vixens?


  1. OMG - I have to work today! How will I ever concentrate on my job with those luscious visions in my head. Excuse me I need to get a bib.

  2. Not only is my keyboard affected, but also my chair.....ahem.

    We need to name that little critter. His tongue is VERY active and has a life of it's own!!!

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    How many chairs is that for you now Fuzzy?

    That's why I have two chairs in the loft area where I have my computers. Actually I have a second computer, keyboard, and mouse as well. This way I can rotate the necessary equipment without any interruptions.

    Just can't afford any downtime for any equipment when there is so much "browsing" i need to get done! You must always have a back-up plan for everything, no?

  4. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Not only did I manage to break one of the little legs on my keyboard, I had to replace my mouse when my previous one came down with a serious case of 'Scrolling Overload' ;0)

  5. I read an article a while back that said putting keyboards in the dishwasher was a good idea, but to be honest I've never been to sure about that. I use cotton buds personally..very good for getting in between the keys ;-)

    Now, if only I could work out how to clean the laptop keyboard....

  6. I think if we set up a keyboard sanitising company it will do good business.

    Even without the drool those of you who use computers at work must be fed up with biscuits, soup and coffee dirtying up the keys. I know I am.

    Meanwhile - BOY does that man know how to kiss! I have never felt anything other than uncomfortable watching other screen kissers, but Vincent is The Man.

  7. (shuffling my feet and looking sheepish) witness, same chair.....I just dry it out!!!LOL I use lots of towels and have a habit of jumping my husband a lot!

    Now, the number of batteries for my BOBS and my cordless mouse....tha's another story!

  8. Y'know, I don't think I drooled before I 'found' Vincent. Just another thing he's brought to my life ;)

  9. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Fuzzy: Yes, I am sure that husbands all across the world are reaping heaping helpings of benefits from the way VDO makes women feel.

  10. All I can say is ... I doubt my laptop will last as long as my last desktop P.C. Perhaps I should try putting a layer of plastic saran wrap over my keyboard. Any other suggestions?!?!

  11. nope, i can't help with suggestions, but i'm going to try the saran wrap method on my pc now.

  12. Since the hubby and I own a pizza place, we have access to these nifty keyboard plastic cover protectors...sadly we do NOT have them for the pc screen and mine is now sadly in need of a wipe-down!

  13. No onther kisses better than Vincent!!He sets a new standard of hottneds in kissing!!;)Just looking at that man get hot here right awat..drool..mmmmmm!!:)))