Mission : Impossible?

An often asked question

“What is his most beautiful feature?”

Of course everything about him is beautiful, and I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to make a decision.
Now one of the upsides to being a girl is that you can change your mind as often as you like.

So for me, answering this question has become a vixen's version of:
Mission Impossible.
Okay, so just for our viewing and drooling pleasure,
here are some “features” to choose from.

Let's start with his face. Oh wait - I've changed my mind, let's start with:


The finger of interest

His tongue -- deserves it's own credit at the end of some eppies.

Oh Lord!

His cute "original" tooth




Hands, wearing latex

Eyes & lashes

The Forearms Of Lust



Lips, chest hair, stubbles, eyes, nose.... the whole package

Beard & curls

...and last NOT least:

Which of them do you like the most? Decide IF you can.
At any rate I hope you've enjoyed it all.

~ Wishing you a hot weekend ~


  1. How does one choose?? It's impossible! But...When I think of Vincent (which is every second of every day) I imagine digging my fingernails into his back and holding on for dear life...

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    My favourite is.....Vincent, in his entirety, in whatever shape or form *sighs*

  3. So hard to choose cause everything about the man is wonderful but...I don't know why but those long, long fingers and BIG hands just send my into a tiz, even just thinking about them now *thud*

  4. I love the whole "package"! It depends on what I'm looking at as to what I love!!!

  5. You're kidding? You want me to pick ONE? Okay after watching last night's Q&A session (I know it's not a feature, but) I am choosing his little boy charm & smile. He smiles and I'm lost, who wouldn't fall in love with him?

  6. Ho man....I can't choose.....there's nothing to reject in Vincent....I'd like to have the whole package!!!!! ;))

  7. It really is impossible to separate the parts of which he is the sum.


  8. Asking me to pick a favourite part of Vincent is like asking me to pick a favourite child..some days I prefer one over the other, but mostly I love all of them the same :-)

  9. I'm in accord with everyone else: it truly IS a mission impossible! But oh, that close up of the thigh and calf muscles!!!!!! Even in a pair of suit pants, they get my motor running!

  10. I must agree with all of you..the entire package - curly hair, short hair, no beard, beard - Italian belly - thin...the whole entire package! Just the whole entire wide world of VDO! Perfection!

  11. You know, I went back and gazed upon the pictures and I find his crooked teeth rather sexy -

  12. Anonymous9:43 AM

    OK, I will have to pick something I have never seen and never will (no it's not that) and I am really not taking the high road here.

    A man is nothing without his brain which takes all his experiences throughout his lifetime and uses them to shape his entire being.

    It tells every part of his body how to act and react, controls what he thinks and does, tells him when to laugh or cry, decides how to be sexy and sensual, and tells him how to let his little boy out to play while at the same time being all man!

    His brain is what really does things to you to make you want to dig your fingernails into his back, desire to direct the touch of those long fingers and big hands, figure out how to play games with that little boy to make him smile, and find out what the whole package of the man wants and desires so that you can satisfy it completely.

    It's all deeply cerebral combined with a massively functioning limbic system that Mr. D'Onofrio uses to get me going!

  13. Very well said, Witness!

  14. believe me, i really appreciate men with brain. BUT a man should know when to turn off his brain (for a little while).

  15. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I don't think they need to turn off their brain - they sometimes simply need to re-direct it to more higher level thoughts of pleasure and tranquility attainment for all beings in the world!

    Their thoughts should be using the mantra "what makes others happy makes me happy" or "my goal is to bring pleasure into the world and reach my own personal happiness at the same time".

    I guess I have leanings toward Toaism especially agreeing with the sexuality of their religion: Taoists believe that a man may increase and nourish his own vitality by bringing a woman to orgasm, thereby "activating" her energy and attuning it with himself.

    I'm with Sting on this one!

  16. witness, your never ending wisdom is priceless.

  17. Witness so wise you are!:)I love everything about him..and YES witness I first noticed(like I ussualy do in men)Vincent's brain,and how it works and his personality after that!!:)))