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From the USA Newsletter: "when a flier from a local Catholic high school drama production connects three murders, Goren and Eames must understand the pyschology of a religious fanatic before he claims another victim."

I can describe tonight's episode with one word - RIVETING!
I was glued to my seat from the beginning until the end.
Goren was anything but cerebral in this evening's show.
He was powerful, magnetic and enthralling.

Damn, if I was that father I would have confessed in the first five minutes.
When he yells "How can you kill the people that you love",
I nearly jumped out of my chair. Damn, he's good.

This is one "kick ass" season; each episode is better than the last.
It is fascinating watching Bobby put the pieces of the puzzle together.
Even the subtle clues the daughter leaves are masterfully unraveled by our brilliant detective Goren.
I don't want to give too much away for those of you who haven't watched it yet, but I found the ending to be very moving.
The expression on Bobby's face is so telling. He is the ultimate "father figure".

He looked so handsome in that cashmere coat with the gray scarf. My God he is stunning.
That confident swagger, his steely eyes as he stares down the prepetrator - it's almost as if he is looking into his soul.
He is totally captivating, I can't take my eyes off of him nor do Iwant to.

Just an FYI: I'm sure many of you will recognize the 'bad guy' from a previous episode (I think season 4) about the Zodiac silverware.
What's even more exciting is that we don't have to wait two weeks to see his beautiful face again. There will be back-to-back episodes next week. I'm blissful.

So fellow Vixen what did you think of tonight's episode? Any nuggets of wisdom?


  1. WOOOHOOOO what an episode!!! bobby in action! it was so great how he beat the f@#n idiot at his own twisted game.
    thrilling, thrilling, hot, hot, HOT!

  2. What a powerful episode! The scene that got me was when Bobby put his arm around the father and took him into the cabin leaving Ross and Eames just standing there. God, you just Knew Bobby was going to tear the father apart.

  3. I loved every second!! How can people see a performance like that and not think the man deserves an emmy!?!?

  4. I just kept thinking that we were finally all the way back to the "old" Bobby!

  5. VDOnSD - yes, my exact thoughts when I was watching this - we have our Bobby back :))

    Awesome episode.

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I have yet to see it, but, as usual, those who don't like it are pulling it to pieces :0(

    I LOVE the big coat (and the big man wearing it)

  7. Bobby's back!!!! Happy dance!!

    I loved some of the "inventive" camera shots.....the truck mirror, the shot from the floor...

    Emmy worthy!

  8. I'm longing to see it!

  9. I'm loving this season and I'm impressed with how Vincent has expressed so many sides to Bobby's complex personality. Diane what websites do you visit that are tearing the episodes apart? But I'm convinced that people do it just to cause trouble. I'll stay right where I am on the true VDO fan sites and enjoy reading the positive comments from real VDO fans.

  10. well said, artist!
    i'm definitely watching the eppy again before i go to bed, just to make sure that i'll dream about bobby wearing the black coat. or maybe not wearing any coat.

    seriously, the story was very well written; a thrilling beginning which all the actors maintain through to the powerful end. 

  11. I wish USA would get it's act together and show the epis in order. With luck, maybe for S9 they will. I just want to know why they're not?????

  12. I am still in awe. I watched it both times it played (actually going to watch it again in about half an hour)...and I was absolutely thrilled both times. How can he possibly make this any more real...and how can he NOT get awards for this acting!? Well writtne epi...spooky music, the aria...well, I cannot even explain how I felt. I STILL have butterflies! Bobby is back...and I am in Heaven.

  13. Brilliant episode, and I am one of those who is perfectly FINE with the episodes centering on a religious theme ... especially when they focus on the flaws of faith and the downsides of extremism. Kudos to Vincent for another fab eppy! And the previews for next week have me riveted ... once again we see something dug up from Eames' past!!

  14. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I guess I should just look at the pretty pictures Artist, and stop reading the shit ;0)

  15. Diane - it's hard not to get upset over the trash people put out there that's why I only visit a few select sites that make me happy, like your (and Tess) blog "The Valentine Cat".

  16. Why are the rumors going around that this is the last season?

  17. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I know, I am far too 'invested' in Mr D'Onofrio and his work...thank goodness!!! Thanks for your kind words dear Artist.

  18. I watched it was a very powerful and intense episode!!Why can say he is a bad actor to this!!BRILINAT!!:)