From the USA Network's Newsletter:

"In episode two ... seven years ago Boz Burman narrowly dodged a murder conviction thanks to the DA's bungled handling of the case.
A born survivor, he parlayed his notoriety into a successful TV crime show.
He has a lot to celebrate on his birthday, but when he washes up dead on the banks of the East River, Detectives Goren and Eames must track down a killer's killer".

In my opinion the season just gets better and better.
Tonight's episode had Bobby at his best - witty, sarcastic, concerned and wily.
Not to mention the smirks on Bobby's face throughout the entire episode - he is so charming and he is completely on his game.

For those of you lucky enough to have already watched it here is a quick highlight of some of my favorite lines:
when interviewing the victim's wife Bobby quips "Does he have to be here?" His dismissive tone is priceless.
In the squad room Goren, Eames and Ross are viewing a tape of the victims' TV show and he (the victim) says "I'll have more for you next week";
Bobby slyly says with a little boy smile on his face "Ahhh, I don't think so?".
Very funny.

The bar scene when Eames asks Bobby "Find out everything you wanted to know; about me?"
he quips back "Everything, Bourbon huh?" - so cute.

The show is filled with great lines and Bobby's unique little mannerisms.
I won't give too much away but the bar scenes (both of them);
Bobby's visit to the DA's apartment (or is it a hotel room?), their interview of Faith Yancy at the TV studio
(where Bobby sits in her chair until the last minute - fabulous) and the final interrogation scene - are stellar.

My favorite scene (although there are so many) is when Bobby's gives the handcuffs to Eames so she can cuffed the bastard herself.

The only problem is no Bobby for THREE WEEKS!
I can feel withdrawal coming on already.
Sadly, the season is almost over, let's hope for a season nine!


  1. Loved, loved, loved last night's episode! So many good moments and scenes, but the second bar scene had to be my favorite. Goren playfully acting drunk and laughing--damn, it was so good to see him laugh like that. Haven't seen him do something like that in a long time! :)

  2. Can't wait to see it.

  3. Let me start by thanking Jazzy for capping the scenes for me, she spent five hours doing that. THANK YOU, they are fabulous! I know I say this after each episode but last night's show was magic. I was entranced with Vincent's performance. He is so engaging, no one really compares when it comes to acting. So what were some of your favorite moments?

  4. Fabulous episode, I loved it. As said before, so many good moments but the one that sticks in my mind is the bar scene also - he is adorable :))

  5. I also loved the line on the beach about...'Seagulls are always hungry'! Ewwwwww.

  6. The episode was great! All the little quirky things are coming back - which makes for great Goren moments! Loved the bar scene where he acting drunk and laughing hysterically - was priceless. I agree - it was so good to see him laugh. Seems like Bobby is on with the healing process!!! LOVE HIM!!!

  7. Jazzy - thank you for taking the 5 hours to do this for are an amazing woman! Love you for it! You captures some of the shows great moments...kisses and hugs to you my friend! THANKS!!!

    What do you have planned for VDO's birthday???

  8. Yes, 'twas a fabulous episode. The writing was crisp and witty, just like our Bobby! Must watch it again .... ASAP!!

  9. Jazzy, what can I say, my friend. You and artist are magnificent!!

    I actually laughed at Bobby. I also had a big shit eating grin on my face for most of his scenes. The bar scenes will go down in history. When he called the perp "sweetie", it was the icing on the cake!

  10. Oh yes, Fuzzy I agree the "sweetie" comment cracked me up - loved the end. Brillant!

  11. And we all longing for the day when he'll say to us: "Hold still, Sweeties"! Don't we?!

  12. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I shall be holding a personal celebration of Vincent's birthday by watching this later on, although my brain nearly exploded when you mentioned his willy - LOL I think you meant 'wily' as in being slightly devious - or maybe not!!

  13. what a good way to celebrate this special day, diane.
    btw - funny, all those "certain" words are international.

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  15. I missed seeing this episode, but I did see Vincent briefly when he showed up to work on February 23, to film "Lady's Man" he was in a rush to get indoors, away from the bitter COLD in NY! We waited for about 4 hours across the street, at the playground, trying to keep warm in the ladies bathroom LOL...seriously...and when I went to put 75 cents in the parking metor, my oldest daughter said "LOOK DADDY! KATHRYN ERBE!" was just perfect timing! but I left my camera, index cards to have autographed & CD's of my music to give them, all back in that playground bathroom and by the time my people got to me it was too late, because this playground has a huge fence around it!!...I was just lucky enough to get to meet them again, I felt so bad, that I couldn't get the autographs from VDO that I promised about 14 MySpace friends, so I hung around and tried my best, but security was nasty as could be to fans!!! even had a couple young girls in tears, they were told to go away rudely, when they asked to get pics & autographs from VDO & KE, I felt bad for them, so I told the studio crew with security standing around, that it's people like us that make it all possible! before this went down...Katie was ear to ear smiles and shook my hand, and said "Nice to meet you!" I was glad to meet her out of character! she was such a natural lovely lady without make-up or hair done, she was Sexier!!!;P

  16. I forgot! I shared a few emails with Vincent's sister, on MySpace, so she gave me her email and invited me to attend her acting classes in New York as well, we talked about how the "Silver Screen Studios for Law & Order at the Chelsea Piers Building, has been stealing the mail from Vincent & Kathryn, she already knew this! and I learned first hand, when I asked Katie, eye to eye, if she recieved my 6 page letter of Love:) and she said "no" looking very puzzled...and Cute!

  17. UUU..I can't wait to look at it!!
    Bobby is one heck of a lady's man,even he dosen't know it,or admit it!!;)))

  18. Ahh, Diane thanks for catching that error it seems whenever I make a Fruedian slip it's always South of the Border. I wonder why?

  19. I saw "willy", too.........for once I kept my mouth shut (it was otherwise "engaged")!

  20. Chaz.....what do you mean about the mail being stolen?

  21. The people that work at the studio, like the ones that answer the phone, the assistants to the talent and security are stealing the Fan Mail from the actors....Vincent & Kathryn are NOT getting ALL the mail that comes in for them!