The kissing poll has closed and the winner with 50% is:

Robert and Novalyne - no surprise there and just for the record I give Novalyne a lot of credit for controlling herself because if a man ever kissed me like that I would be arrested in all fifty states and several foreign countries for the things I would do to him.

Even Robert and Novalyne are happy they won.

The runner up with 33% is Valentino & Gary - too hot for words:

Honorable mentions are as follows - in no particular order:

Elton & Claire

I tried (and failed) to be good and pick just one picture, but seriously look at that tongue. Can you blame me? Fuzzy just went into cardiac arrest. Am I right?

Sam & Ruby - Oops wrong picture; silly me!

That's better - so sweet.

Valentino & Mary Carmen

Mike & Audrey

Sorry Jazzy but I'm going to steal your line "Have a HOT Sunday, Vixens!"


  1. Yep! That was the kiss I voted for! I love the way he swooped in and just went for it!!! I never was more jealous in my whole life when I saw that kiss. Now, ladies, that is a KISS! yummy!

  2. One more day till his birthday. I say we all send ourselves UPS or FEDEX all wrapped up in pretty wrapping paper and give him a 50th birthday he will never forget...sorry Carin - you have to share!!! lol!

  3. tHAT IS THE KISS. How she resisted ripping his clothes off and taking him right there makes her a stronger women than myself.

    Hell if he belonged to me he wouldn't be able top work, Id chain him to the bed and never let him out ...well maybe for the bathroom and I bring him food.

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    That really was an amazing kiss. I'm with BASRIC in saying that yes, right then, right there nothing would have stopped me not even the different time and place in which they lived.

    I hope he has a great birthday and gets a kiss at least that good by the end of the day. A big birthday like that and a man needs to be shown that he is even more desirable than ever before! Especially that man because he has gotten even better with age!

    I would not ask her to share him only to make sure he is shown constantly how amazingly hot he is and celebrates that with him to exhaustion!

  5. I picked that one as well, although it was difficult to choose cause boy can that man kiss and we are only viewing them, can you imagine what it must be like to be on the receiving end of one of those earth-moving kisses - phew, 'Hot Sunday' indeed :)))

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    You'll note please the winning kiss was carried out while in the SITTING position. I'm quite certain this was because there's no way Renee's legs would have continued to support her once 'The Kissing Maestro' got to work on her :0)

  7. Are you trying to kill me with all the kissing pics!?!?

  8. I voted for Valentino/Gary, but let's face it, he is the kissing maestro of the universe.

  9. It was very, very difficult to pick a top contender. I actually felt "angst" over having to make a choice! LOL. Although I voted for Valentino/Gary (for reasons which are probably obvious to all here who know me), I think the winner would have been my second choice, with Elton a very close third. But then, I'm sure if I actually watched all his filmed kissing scenes again, I might very well be unable to make a choice!

  10. I voted Valentino/Gary...but I can live with the fact that Novalyne/Bob won :-)

  11. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Had I voted - not sure why I didn't - Gary and Valentino would have got my vote too! I would have had to set aside my feelings for REH and judged the kiss simply on its hotness level.

    The reason why I say this is because I think we all know that had both of the films been rated differently the scene immediately following would have been drastically different in each movie.

    My depths of shallowness know no bounds. Stated rather than implied always seems to get my attention!

  12. all worthy winners, all worthy pics; I can't even remember who I voted for it was that long ago - it had to have been either TWWW or VoG - prob the first as I loved the way he moved in on her.

    However I crave for the day Bobby Bobby gives someone his all because his kisses are perfect in my dreams

  13. I didn't vote because I couldn't decide ;)

  14. All worthy kisses and I'm still a little miffed that I wasn't on the receiving end of any of them.

  15. elton or valentino? valentino or elton? i change my mind daily, that's why i voted for both. multiple choice was made for me, ha!

  16. TONGUE!!!!!!!

    OMG......a Major Case of hyperventilating......THUD...

  17. *sends smelling salt to fuzzy*

  18. Thanks sweetie!

    Damn, hyperventilating again.....better send the economy size!!